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Title:You'll NEVER Use Mouthwash Again After WATCHING THIS! | Dr. Steven Gundry & Dr. Fresh

Let’s face it, we all wake up with morning breath! But before you reach for that bottle of mouthwash or yes, even certain toothpaste, consider this… Almost ALL oral hygiene products on the market today are actually killing off the good bacteria in your oral microbiome – which can lead to some pretty serious health issues down the line. My guest says there are plenty of ways to naturally improve your smile AND your health. He’s Puneet Nanda (NAAN-da), AKA “Dr. Fresh”, an Ayurvedic practitioner and CEO of GuruNanda – a wellness company that combines ancient healing wisdom with cutting-edge technology. In this episode, we dive into the all-natural oral care alternatives you can use to support your overall well-being. Check out oil pulling for yourself at! Get 15% off your purchase at with coupon code GUNDRY15. In this episode you’ll learn: - The scary truth about these “natural” household items – and what to use instead - Why you should try THIS if you suffer from allergies (it’s affordable and completely natural) - The amazing effects essential oils can have on your health – and how to use them in your everyday life - Why mouthwash (and most toothpaste) is actually destroying your GUT – and what to use instead - How oiling pulling works – and why it should be a part of everyone's health care routine - Some of the BEST essential oils for keeping your body healthy and your breath smelling fresh – and Dr. Fresh’s favorite product that combines them all - How to get a “car wash in your mouth” – it can be done right from home and for WAY less than you would spend at the dentist) - The 4-part oral health regimen that Dr. Fresh recommends everyone do daily This episode is sponsored by GuruNanda. However, Dr. Gundry’s opinions are his own.


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