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Title:Charmed Opening Credits | Original Concept | Season 5

Here we go... I'll be honest, season 5 was really hard to do! You want to update it, especially with the new hairstyles, but you also don't want to force it. The first three seasons did not mind reusing old shots and only replacing the necessary bits. One thing I'll always change, for the sake of these videos, would obviously be the name shots. The main challenge is this: Realistically, you can't pick shots from any episode of the current season, because the opening credits have to be ready for the first 6-8 episodes before they air, so it's a limited selection, and this season in particular was tough, because power shots have to be very specific and demonstrate the usage and advantage, and the wardrobe has to remain fairly casual. As we all know, the wardrobe this season going forward was becoming a bit extreme and sometimes silly, so I had to be extra careful. What was most annoying is that I couldn't rely too much on later season 4 episodes, due to the different hairstyles (***ROSE!) but I still snuck a few nice shots in, because who's gonna stop me? ^_^ Honestly my favorite bit here is the new photo of the sisters, I think it turned out great :) I also replaced the coffin flash with the Source at the beginning, just to emphasize the impact he's had last season. I had a choice to change a few other bits, such as the "Everybody else" part, but chose to keep it, because I either couldn't find something better or because it would've been too much. I'll be doing a bigger revamp for season 6, so wait for it! What are your favorite clips in this? #Charmed #OpeningCredits #Season5 Support This Channel on Patreon: Twitter: @ShinyAntics


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