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Title:Charmed "The Power of Three Brothers" Season 1 Opening Credits [REMAKE]

Hey Guys^^ I decided to redone my old project "Charmed The Power of Three Brothers" in the First Style what i do in the First Style for 3 Three Years. In the First Opening they was Jake Abel as Phil Halliwell as Counterpart to Piper Halliwell and not Cody Christian and i wanted Jake Back! I also tried some new effects,Clips and Colorings and Some Soundeffects... and i Hope you Guys will love it. Please Enjoy! I don't Know if i will do a Remake about Season 2,3,4. The Future will see. Thanks for rKotoriMendes33 for the Fan Poster of the Three Brothers ♥ Storyline: The 3 Brothers Parker [Andrew Garfield] Phil [Jake Abel] and Patrick [Steven R McQueen] are brothers as they can not be more different. They live to third in San Franciso, in a house that has been owned for generations in the family. The father of the boys has been lost for years, and the mother is a long death. After the death of their grandma, the siblings found each other again as Patrick moved from New York to San Francesco to his brothers. But they were not normal guys. Her family consisted of a series of witches, magicians and magicians, passed on from generation to generation. The boys' mom was a witch, and the boys had magical powers. But Parker Phil and Patrick were not some witches, but a part of a prophecy that said they would be the greatest wizards of all time. When Patrick discovers the "Book of Shadows", a book owned by the family where the greatest spells of all time have stood, he reads out loud from the book and then the powers of the brothers are activated. Parker the Elder possessed the gift telekinesis with his thoughts to apply. Phil the Middle could freeze everything with his hands and stop the time. Patrick the Youngest Brother, can see into the future and past when he touched objects or persons. Together they possessed the power of the 3. A band which makes them invincible. But only together holds their power. Parker and his brothers are now changing a lot, because now they have to deal with their powers, have to fight warlocks, evil witches and demons While still being able to cope with his private life and professional life. But when they hold together Create everything. The Power of Three will set us Free! Cast: Andrew Garfield as Parker Halliwell {Counterpart Prue Halliwell} Jake Abel as Phil Halliwell {Counterpart Piper Halliwell} Steven R. Mcqueen as Patrick Halliwell {Counterpart Phoebe Halliwell} Jared Padalecki as Leo Wyatt David Boreanaz as Andy Truedau. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment news reporting,teaching,scholarship,and research. Fair use is that might otherwise be infringing.


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