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Title:Relaxing Legend of Zelda Music (COMPLETE)

A re-edited, combined edition of all 4 relaxing Legend of Zelda playlists with some bonus songs! Duplicates or unfitting songs were taken out, resulting in what I think makes up a much better version. Song List (thank you Diego Yepes and Geroyuni for time stamps!!): 00:00 SS: Isle of Songs 03:03 SS: Gate of Time 05:38 TP: Boss Defeated 06:48 TP: Meet Ilia 08:08 SS: Romance 09:26 TP: Lake Hylia 11:47 TP: Queen Rutela 12:57 TP: Mirror of Twilight Completed 13:54 OOT: Zelda's Lullaby 15:33 Great Fairy's Fountain (25th Anniversary Special Orchestra CD) 18:32 SS: Message from the Goddess 20:55 TP: Fishing Hole 24:30 SS: Fi's Farewell 26:46 TP: Ilia's Theme 28:18 SS: Nayru's Wisdom 29:44 OOT: Lon Lon Ranch (OOT Hyrule Symphony) 31:08 SS: The Dragons 33:33 TP: Ordon Ranch 35:02 TP: Meet Princess Zelda 36:58 TP: Zora's Domain 39:21 SS: Sailing the Sand Seas 42:29 TP: Prince Ralis is Saved 45:28 Triforce Heroes: Riverside 47:34 MM: Astral Observatory 49:15 MM: Song of Healing 52:18 TP: Recover the Light 53:27 TP: Midna's Lament 55:25 SS: Fi's Gratitude 58:25 BOTW: Kara Kara Bazaar / Small Desert Oasis 1:00:36 Link Between Worlds: Meeting Princess Hilda 1:01:41 SS: Island in the Sky 1:04:10 OOT: Kakariko Villiage 1:07:28 TP: Kakariko is Saved [If you listen to only the left side, it sounds cool! - LS64] 1:10:27 TP: Ordon Villiage 1:12:27 BOTW: Hateno Villiage (Night) 1:17:03 BOTW: Life in the Ruins 1:18:12 Oracle of Seasons: Tarm Ruins (Remix by RebbecaETripp) 1:21:20 TP: Faron Woods 1:24:34 Link Between Worlds: Kakariko Villiage 1:26:12 SS: Follow Fi 1:26:08 Oracle of Ages: Nayru's Song (Remix by ZREO) 1:31:14 SS: Crimson Loftwing 1:33:08 OOT: Lost Woods / Saria's Song (Remix by RebeccaETripp) 1:36:26 BOTW: Prince Sidon has Appeared! 1:37:40 Minish Cap: Minish Village (Remix by Oscar Rod Flo) 1:39:40 BOTW: Zora's Domain (Day) 1:43:17 BOTW: Zora's Domain (Night) 1:47:55 MM: Stone Tower 1:50:20 TP: Courage 1:51:40 BOTW: Kakariko Village (Night) 1:56:11 BOTW: Kakariko Village (Day) 1:59:47 Wind Waker: Staff Roll (Remix by ZREO) 2:05:20 Link's Awakening: Ballad of the Wind Fish (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) 2:09:47 BOTW: Lurelin Villiage (Day) 2:11:40 BOTW: Lurelin Villiage (Night) 2:15:56 SS: Lanayru Desert (Past) 2:19:34 Spirit Tracks: Byrne's Theme (Remix by by ZREO) 2:22:35 LBW: Eastern Palace 2:25:51 Wind Waker: Farewell Hyrule King 2:28:04 MM: Clock Tower (Remix by RebeccaETripp) 2:32:31 BOTW: Mipha's Grace 2:33:52 TP: Conversing with Zelda 2:35:20 SS: Skyloft (Residential Area) 2:38:13 BOTW: Korok Forest (Day) 2:39:40 BOTW: Korok Forest (Night) 2:42:05 MM: Oath to Order (Remix by The Synthetic Orchestra) 2:43:39 BOTW: Rito Village (Night) Like I've said a couple times, I listened to my old playlists and cringed at the choppy editing so I'm going to be making a few of these re-edited combo comps! I'm doing my best to get back into the flow of things and wish I could dedicate more time to youtube T.T okay, Yoonchi note over! Image Credit: collage pic by LeoB on DeviantArt Yoonchi SOCIAL MEDIA: FB: Discord: If you want to support the channel: Ko-fi:


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