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Title:Smelting Catalytic Converters, Platinum, Palladium, & Rhodium

Join Jason on an exciting metallurgical adventure as he dives into the challenging process of recovering valuable Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) from catalytic converters. In this video, Jason experiments with various smelting techniques to extract Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium, testing different collectors such as bismuth, iron pyrite, copper, and silver. Watch as Jason works through each smelting experiment, sharing his insights and the challenges faced along the way. After several trials, he finally strikes success using a combination of iron pyrite and silver to collect the precious metals, refining them into a single metal alloy. The journey doesn’t end here—Jason will send off the slag for assay to determine the exact percentage of metal recovery. The initial results look very promising, hinting at a breakthrough in his method! Stay tuned for part two, where Jason will reveal the assay results and further refine his process. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more exciting content on precious metal recovery and innovative smelting techniques! Patreon Account: Smelting Article: Ebay Listings: Hats, Shirts, & Merch: My Other Channel: S&J Forest Products: AFFILIATE LINKS What's an affiliate link? If you use our link to buy something, MBMM gets a small percentage of the money you spend. This DOES NOT mean you will spend more money using our link, you will spend the SAME AMOUNT of money while also supporting a small business and channel. Underground Mining Equipment: Milwaukee Hammer drill bits: Milwaukee Sawzall: Milwaukee Flood Light: Milwaukee Driver: Milwaukee Grinder: Hard hat with light clip: Head lamp for hard hat: Hammer drill: Safety glasses: Gloves: Feather and wedge set: Respirator: Complete Smelting Kits: Complete smelting furnace kit: Cupelling furnace: Fluxes: Chapman’s flux: Anhydrous borax: 1lb 5lbs Silica sand: Soda ash: 1lb 5lbs 50lbs Lye: Litharge: Lead: Bismuth: Smelting Supplies: Crucibles: #4 10# fire clay Cupel: Electric furnace: Tongs: Heat safe gloves: Gold pans: Gold screens: Scales: 0.01 0.001 Magnets: Pan for roasting sulfides: Respirator: Microscope for phone: Furnace Building Supplies: Kaowool: 2” x 12.5’: 1” x 25” Water glass (sealant): Fire bricks: Shop vac: Propane: Propane regulator and burner: Refractory cement: Refining Supplies: Hot Plate: Beakers: Nitric Acid: Buchner Funnel Kit: Watch Glass: Sulfuric Acid: Filming Equipment: Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra: GoPro Hero 11: Long tripod: Short tripod: Keywords: Platinum Group Metals, PGM Recovery, Catalytic Converter Recycling, Smelting Platinum, Palladium Recovery, Rhodium Recovery, Metallurgy, Precious Metals, Iron Pyrite, Silver Collector, Assay Results Hashtags: #PlatinumGroupMetals #PGMRecovery #CatalyticConverter #Smelting #PreciousMetals #Metallurgy #Platinum #Palladium #Rhodium #InnovativeSmelting #Subscribe


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