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Title:The meltdown after poll results | Emotions, comedy, drama after 400-NOT-PAAR | TV Newsance 256

#loksabhaelection2024 Avail our special offer: We are back after a week’s break after the election results. So much has happened but so little has changed. Modiji is still the prime minister, Congress is still the largest opposition party and our TV news anchors are still the same old Modi bhakts. But we have an action-packed episode for you as we take a look at the journey of a Godijeevi – the struggle to cope up as the 400-paar projection transformed into the discovery that the BJP lacked even a simple majority. Must have been a lot to handle. Watch. 0:00-1:56 What’s ahead for this week’s TV Newsance 1:57-2:49 A review of election results 2:50-3:09 Journey of a Godi anchor 3:10-7:02 Stage 1: Overconfidence of Godi anchors 7:03-10:44 Stage 2: Premature exit ejaculation 10:45-14:33 Stage 3: Yeh kya hua? Kaise hua? 14:34-14:58 Rajat sharma aur unki shayari 14:59-15:49 Blame it all on Pradeep Gupta 15:50-16:35 Rahul Kanwal’s Exit Poll Flip-Flop 16:36-17:04 Sudhir Chaudhary’s U-turn 17:05-18:47 Aroon Purie’s editorial post-election results 18:48- 20:13 Godi Media on NDA’s victory 20:14-21:00 Why is this elections a win for the opposition? 21:01-22:34 Stage 4: Back to work 22:35-23:17 Arnab Goswami on NEET 23:18-24:33 Recap of Newslaundry’s Election Coverage 24:34-25:37 How TV News ignored non-BJP voters? 25:38-27:09 Recap of Newslaundry’s coverage on Ram Mandir 27:10- 29:22 Thanks for your support Subscribe to Newslaundry: Download the all-new Newslaundry app: Join us on WhatsApp: Follow and engage with us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


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