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Title:What is socket | How socket works | Types of Sockets | Socket Address | TCP Socket | UDP Socket

What is socket | How socket works | Types of Sockets | Socket Address | TCP Socket | UDP Socket Follow my blog: A socket is one endpoint of a two-way communication link between two programs running on the network. The application creates a socket. The socket type dictates the style of communication. Socket is an interface between application layer and transport layer. Socket is commonly executing users process at transport layer. Socket is also referred as the application programmer’s interface (API) between the application and the network. When we desire a communication between two applications possibly running on different machines, we need sockets. Requirement of socket is to build any Network Application i.e., Web browsers, FTP etc… Socket address is the combination of an IP address and port number. Telephone connection is the combination of a phone number and particular extension. Number socket is an internal end point for sending or receiving data at a single node in computer network. There are two types of sockets: Stream Socket and Datagram Socket. Stream socket is also called connection- oriented socket. It provides reliable, connected networking service. Error free; no out- of- order packets (uses TCP). Applications of Stream Sockets are telnet/ ssh, http, https and many more. Datagram socket is also known as Connectionless socket. It provides unreliable, best- effort networking service Packets may be lost; may arrive out of order (uses UDP). Application of Datagram Sockets are streaming audio/ video (real player), … I have covered following topic in video 0:00 Introduction 0:33 What is socket? 0:49 How socket works? 3:06 Why socket required? 3:29 What is socket address? 4:08 How to identify process using socket? 5:22 on which layer socket will be executed in tcp/ip model? 7:05 Types of Socket (TCP Socket and UDP Socket) 7:14 Characteristics of socket 8:25 Application of socket If you like my video contents, please LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE with your friends. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out our other video on our channel page Principle of Application Layer Cookie explain using animation: Persistent HTTP vs Non Persistent HTTP: Email: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can always connect with me at: Follow my blog: Like my Facebook page: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on twitter: Subscribe me on youtube: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Playlist available on my channel: Network Security (CNS, INS, IS): Computer Network (CN) with animation: VFX Animation & Fun Videos: Comupter Organization & Architecture (COA, CA,CO): Assembly Language Programming: Computer Graphics: #Socket #Introduction_of_socket #Types_of_socket #what_is_socket #socket_address #needs_of_socket #Stream_Socket #Datagram_Socket #chirag_bhalodia #chiragbhalodia Keep learning, keep supporting 🤝✨💯


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