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Title:The Fortune - All Eyes (Feat. Yash Raj Singh & Keerthana Menon) - Official Video

stream/download/buy merch here ➡️ Subscribe to the The Fortune channel for all the best and latest official music videos, behind the scenes and live performances. Join mailing list for latest news, merch discounts & giveaways - ►Follow The Fortune: Instagram Facebook Twitter Spotify ►Contact The Fortune: As heard on BBCradio, Rollingstonein & Indiestan "All up on You" : "Lost Acoustic" : "Lost" : "Tell Me Something" : "Not Here For You" : "All Eyes" : "Covid Unnis" : "Old Times" : "Speed of Light" : The Fortune production duo returns with "ALL EYES" featuring the "Voice of Jharkhand" finalist Yash Raj Singh and Keerthana Menon after receiving support for their previous single from the likes of BBC Asian Network, Sensei music blog and many user curated playlists. Written by Greg Van Kerkhof from South Africa, "ALL EYES" which is The Fortune's international collaboration with independent artists, shows them coming back bigger, with dreamy guitars, intriguing melody, romantic vibe and emotive vocals. THE FORCE BEHIND THIS SONG Concept, Composition & Arrangement: Dr_Deejay (Dhananj Shivganesh) Rhythm: Dr_Deejay (Dhananj Shivganesh) Nikhil Pradip Guitar: Sampath S Lyrics: Greg Van Kerkhof Vocals: Yash Raj Singh Keerthana Menon Mix & Master: Nikhil Pradip THE FORCE BEHIND THE MUSIC VIDEO Ammar Iqbal ABOUT US : The Fortune' is a production duo (Dr Dhananj & Nikhil Pradip) from South India. Started as a side project in their school days, after a six year hiatus, they have reunited, revamped and is working together again. Dr Dhananj who studied classical piano under Trinity College, London is currently an Anesthesiology resident in AIIMS, Raipur and Nikhil Pradip is a sound engineer in the Indian music industry. Having spent a large part of their childhood listening to Indian music, they focus on fusing western and eastern genres, adding different ragas to western music to create music that is relatable to everyone. With new music coming every month, each one is different from the other, unique in itself. They are also collaborating with artists around the globe to capture the essense of world music. Dr Dhananj Shivganesh Nikhil Pradip AND TOGETHER WE ARE "THE FORTUNE" - an all genre production duo CONNECT WITH THE TEAM Dr_Deejay Nikhil Pradip Sampath Greg Van Kerkhof Yash Raj Singh Keerthana Menon Ammar Iqbal #pop #rnb #alleyes #thefortune


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