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Title:Liquify | Lost in Time (Mesmerizing Instrumental Psych Rock)

Liquify - Lost in Time Liquify is a one-man hard psychedelic rock project from America. Lost in Time is 3rd album and 2nd of 2021. It follows the epic 'Illusionary Reality' which has achieved over 500,000 views on SMOD. In the distant year of 2321, visions of serenity have closely become reality in earth’s calm future. Join Captain Fritzer as he finds himself trapped in the time loop where he must save the love of his life while fighting off a hyper-dimensional invader who hunts them through the barren wasteland… The album begins smooth and dreamy with Visions of Serenity and moves on to a relaxed pace with Trapped in the Time Loop eventually building to a crescendo of distortion guitar driven madness with multiple solos, like that of someone being driven insane while stuck in a time loop repeating the same event over and over. We move on to Forgotten Years which has a more somber feel while maintaining a groovy desert rock vibe. Next, we reach the Garden of Enchantment keeping it slow and steady while also keeping it short and sweet. Last but not least, we arrive at the long riff building Future-Fi that includes a hypnotic synth and then closes off the album with a harmonic melody. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for the support along the way. I hope you enjoy the music and stay tuned for more on the way! - Liquify 1. Visions of Serenity - 0:00 2. Trapped in the Time Loop - 3:25 3. Forgotten Years - 12:52 4. Garden of Enchantment - 21:21 5. Future-Fi - 25:19 Support Liquify by purchasing the album here Merch: Become a Patron to get the new SMOD upload list! Every upload in the history of the channel in one alphabetized document. Nearly 2,000 albums with bandcamp links included! Join the SMOD Nation Facebook Group!


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