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Title:JoJo All Star Battle R - All HHA and GHA Easter Eggs

A compilation of every HHA and GHA related easter egg in this game, that I know about anyways. Let me know if you think I missed something. Intro Music: Outro Music: Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 0:09 - Jonathan attempts to block the space ripper stingy eyes if the attack defeats him. 0:18 - Young Joseph has a second HHA that can be used after the first one 0:25 - Lisa Lisa taunts the opponent if her GHA 'misses' 0:32 - Stroheim's GHA charges up faster in his UV mode 0:48 - Part 3 Jotaro's GHA during stopped time 1:07 - Iggy's GHA is slightly different if you use his alternate costume 1:24 - Hol Horse fires more shots during his HHA if you mash the attack button 1:29 - Mariah's HHA does more damage if the magnetism level is higher 1:41 - Sheer Heart Attack can't target Vanilla Ice if he uses his GHA 1:48 - DIO's HHA during stopped time 2:10 - DIO's GHA during stopped time 2:39 - DIO's GHA vs Part 3 Jotaro 3:32 - Part 4 Josuke has a second HHA that can be used after the first one 3:39 - Part 4 Josuke uncripples and then recripples Johnny 3:59 - Okuyasu's HHA is chargeable and different depending on whether he's in user or stand mode. 4:23 - 3 freeze can slow Sheer Heart Attack (I did it right this time) 4:28 - Shigechi screams Josuke's name when defeated by Kira 4:41 - Hayato runs away 4:50 - Kosaku (Kira) says "This is the limit! Push it!" when he uses his GHA at low health 5:16 - Rohan screams Koichi's name when defeated by Kosaku (Kira) 5:48 - Johnny is standing when he bites the dust 6:14 - All unique Giorno punch reactions (According to the wiki) 9:24 - Diavolo can't erase time when fighting GER 9:31 - Trish deals more hits during her HHA if you mash the attack button 9:38 - Ermes still takes sticker damage if her HHA 'misses' 9:42 - Anasui's HHA is chargeable 9:50 - Wamuu can't be turned into a snail after he blinds himself 9:57 - Pucci jumps on the space shuttle during his GHA in the Kennedy Space Center stage 10:17 - Johnny has a different HHA for Tusk Acts 1-3 (The Act 1 HHA can be used whether or not Johnny is riding his horse) 10:36 - Johnny's GHA vs Funny Valentine 10:58 - Gyro's HHA can be used whether or not he's riding his horse 11:09 - Gyro's GHA vs Funny Valentine 11:28 - Part 8 Josuke's HHA and GHA can combo together 11:49 - Outro


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