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Title:Marxism vs Capitalism | Aaron Bastani and Matthew Lesh

Aaron Bastani and Matthew Lesh lock horns over two conflicting economic worldviews. Is the success of the iPhone testament to the power of the free market or state intervention? Watch the full debate at Marxism and Capitalism represent the two main economic worldviews in conflict. One promises a utopian vision of equity for all, the other preaches individualism and fierce competition as the way to get ahead. Join luxury-communism campaigner Aaron Bastani as he goes head-to-head with Institute of Economic Affairs’ Matthew Lesh. Hosted by Myriam François. #marxism #capitalism #debate Aaron Bastani is co-founder of @NovaraMedia , one of the most influential independent, radical left-wing media organizations in the UK. He is also author of Fully Automated Luxury Communism, a manifesto for his vision of 21st century communism. Matthew Lesh is the Director of Public Policy and Communications at the Institute of Economic Affairs. He is also a Fellow of the Adam Smith Institute and Institute of Public Affairs, and writes regularly for The Times, The Telegraph and The Spectator. The Institute of Art and Ideas features videos and articles from cutting edge thinkers discussing the ideas that are shaping the world, from metaphysics to string theory, technology to democracy, aesthetics to genetics. Subscribe today! 00:00 Introduction 00:43 Capitalism pitch 03:48 Marxism pitch 09:48 Critique of Marxism 10:38 Which countries have the best economic regimes? 11:58 Critique of capitalism 13:50 No free market in housing 14:36 Global inequality has declined 16:04 Organised labour raises living standards For debates and talks: For articles: For courses:


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