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Title:Mr. India Full Movie in 4K || Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Amrish Puri, Annu Kapoor, Satish Kaushik |

Plot Mogambo is a criminal whose goal is to conquer India. From his hidden island, he monitors all the evil-doings perpetrated by his henchmen. His catchphrases, "Mogambo khush hua" ("Mogambo is pleased") and "Hail Mogambo!", used by his subordinates, show his complete authority over his minions. On the other hand, Arun is a street violinist and philanthropist who rents a large, old house to take care of ten orphans with the help of his cook named "Calendar". Arun is seldom able to make ends meet and owes many debts, so he decides to rent out the room on the first floor. Seema Sahni, his first tenant, is a local journalist who eventually becomes friends with everyone. Arun falls in love with her. He receives a mysterious letter from a family friend, Professor Sinha, which reveals that Arun's late father—who was a renowned scientist—had created a cloaking device that would make its user invisible. It still needed to be patented, and because Arun was the only son, it was his responsibility to complete the protocols and sign the paperwork for it. Arun saw this as an opportunity and immediately hatched a plan to get the device. With the directions in the letter, and accompanied by his ward, Arun enters his father's old laboratory. When the device is activated, it makes the wearer invisible unless red light is focused on the wearer. Arun decides to keep it a secret. After a few months as a tenant, Seema is invited to a lavish party hosted by an acquaintance, and she performs a song under the guise of a famous Hawaiian dancer, who is unable to make it to the party. After the performance, she is nearly killed by criminals who think she is a spy, but Arun comes to her rescue, styling himself as an invisible person and introducing himself to them as "Mr. India". Seema subsequently falls for her rescuer. However, Arun keeps his identity as Mr. India secret for a few more months. One day, Arun uses the device to trick one of Mogambo's henchmen to foil his criminal plans; Mogambo's minion reports the incident to his boss. Thereafter, Mogambo has bombs disguised as toys planted in public places. Tina—one of the orphans who stays at Arun's house—finds the traps and takes them, resulting in her death. Arun, Seema, Calendar, and the other orphans are all captured by Mogambo's henchmen as prime suspects and brought for interrogation before him. Mogambo tortures them so he can reveal Mr. India's identity and the location of the device. Arun eventually admits to this when Mogambo threatens to kill two children; but because Arun has lost the device by accidentally dropping it somewhere during the capture, he cannot become invisible to prove himself. Mogambo sends them into the dungeons temporarily. They manage to escape after stealing the keys from a guard. Meanwhile, Mogambo activates four intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are poised to destroy all of India. Arun confronts him, the two fight, and Arun gains the upper hand. But as he is about to stop the missiles, Mogambo warns that everyone present will die if Arun succeeds. Nevertheless, Arun deactivates the launch, and the missiles detonate on the launch pad. Arun, Seema, Calendar, and the children escape; Mogambo's fortress is destroyed, and Mogambo dies. It is later shown that Seema is still infatuated with "Mr. India" and does not believe Arun Cast Anil Kapoor as Arun Verma aka Mr. India Sridevi as Seema Sahni Amrish Puri as Mogambo Annu Kapoor as Mr. Gaitonde, Seema's newspaper editor Ramesh Deo as a police inspector Gurbachan Singh as Captain Zorro Ajit Vachani as Teja (cameo appearance) Ashok Kumar as Prof. Sinha Bob Christo as Mr. Wolcott[5] Harish Patel as Roopchand (cameo appearance)[5][6] Anjan Srivastav as Baburam[5] Satish Kaushik as Calendar[6] Ahmed Khan as an orphan[5] Aftab Shivdasani as Jugal[5] Yunus Parvez as Maniklal[5] Sharat Saxena as Daga[6


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