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Title:Vindictus Latiya Reedeemers(Neamhain/Balor)

Latiya against Neamhain and Balor.Giving party gameplays.These are sort of speed runs,so i will show longer runs eventually. Didn't play top notch,but it gives a general idea. One thing i was struggling with in first Reedeemers tries was stamina for sure.Took some time to take the habit of poking to gain stamina back,instead of spamming smashes too quick.Would recommend guild buff and stamina pots if you want to get the best of this character. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im using -70SP stones on skills that can be SP reduced and once again,i use Werewolf Paw for now,but i didn't test if it's more efficient than Cat Statue,i just prefer Paw overall for fun factor,for now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Damage wise,i typically check people's stats and estimate where a character stands.You can always use a damage scaling feature,but ive been use to do it this way.You basically run into players often and in the long run you can tell wich character is stronger,wich is weaker,especially if you actually play various characters,it's quite imminent.Solo times can also help to give an idea. Latiya is definitely top tier currently and we did get the nerf on counter and Light of Kuja already.Some were unsure about that,but i already double checked with pre-nerf videos of Latiya in Korea,where their Kuja and counter were doing more damage than mine,but with about 600 less additional damage. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For actual balancing,i dont see any character that is drastically weaker right now,its just probably,Fiona,Teide Hurk,Latiya that are over the top a little.Then on a second category,i would put Karok,Grimden,Kai,Tessa,but at least their damage make more sense.Another category lower,Sylas and pretty much all the other characters with of course some damage differances but i havn't bothered to sort them out as they all from my prospective have sufficient and normal damage.They also have their advantages in some raids and disadvantages in others,so it works out well.Every character should basically hang in that category.


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