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Title:You Are VERY LUCKY if This Video Appeared in Your Life | Powerful Lord Hanuman Mantra

Welcome to Religious India – a sacred space where spirituality meets modern life. Dive deep into the realms of devotion with our enriching content, featuring soul-soothing chants, insightful reflections, and guided meditations. Join us on a transformative journey to nurture your spirit and find inner peace. Subscribe for a daily dose of divine inspiration and let the spiritual awakening begin. Spotify link - JioSaavn - Apple Music - Lyrics- Manojawam maruta tulya vegam jitendriyam buddhi matam varishtham vaatatmajam vanar yooth mukhyam Shriram dootam sharnam prapadhye Meaning- I take Refuge in Sri Hanuman. Let me pray and salute to the one who is swift as thought , the one who is more powerful than the wind , the one who has conquered his senses , best amongst the wise, the son of the wind-god , the commander of the army of forest creatures, To that Lord Sri Rama's Messenger , the incomparable Lord Hanuman, Let me seek refuge. Old Ancient Mantra Of Lord Shiva Powerful mantra of lord shiva shiva mantra chanting shiv gayatri mantra shiv nirwana stotram rudrashtakam hare krishna hare rama spiritual mantra om mantra shiva meditation shiv vandana shiv chanting shiva music shiva amritwani anuradha paudwal suresh wadkar Shiv Puran shiv charcha Shiv tandav Stotram shiv aarti shiv chalisa shiv tandav shiva bhajan shiva shivoham shivoham Shiv chalisa Shiv dhyana mantra Shiv Gayatri mantra Shiv tandav Shiv bhajan Shiv tandav Stotram Shiv charcha nirvana stotram Mantra for clarity of mind Shiva meditation mantra Copyright @ Religious India. Any reproduction or illegal distribution of the content in any form will result in immediate action against the person or Youtube channel.


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