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Title:EP 55 The Volcano Erupted while we were on the road to Mexico City, we travel across the America's.

Check out our links; As we left San Luis Potosi the road was beautiful, lots of tolls but we wanted to be on the toll roads to be safe. There were lots of trucks and every now and there were a few potholes, but can't complain. Overall it was a wonderful experience. There were several gas stations with restaurants and good food, that's great by me.The closer we got to Mexico City the traffic got worse but nothing we hadn't seen in other cities as we have traveled. Going to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City was a great place to start our adventures in Mexico. What a beautiful place it is. So many have visited over the years and now we can say we did it! God Bless them! After our visit we went on the Puebla for our next adventure. Hey thanks for watching our videos, we are back in the seat and have our seat belts on. Get Up and Let's GO! Go to our travel channel to see our on the road video's, where we take you from the farthest northern road in Alaska to our trip south to the most southern point in South America, subscribe and also become a Patreon.


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