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Title:KULYAS : LANETİN BEDELİ (Korku Filmi Full HD İzle)

The movie "Kulyas: The Price of Curse", directed by Yunus ŞEVİK (Shootihing Man), which was released on May 10, 2019, is on our YouTube channel for the first time on the screens. The full version of the highly anticipated film has been released for those who could not watch it in cinemas. You can share the movie with your friends that you want to have a sleepless night. The Curse of the Djinn Tribe will make them pay Our new movie "Fear Calendar", which is included in the trailer you watched at the beginning of the movie, will be in theaters on May 13, 2022. While Horror Calendar won 4 awards from America and Europe, it is being screened with the "BEST FEAR FILM" Award from the USA. It's a project you've never seen before. All horror lovers are welcome to the cinemas. You can reach the trailers of the movie and a scene from the movie from the links below. Trailer 1: Trailer 2: Sneak Peek: The subject of the movie Kulyas: The demons of the Kulyas tribe, who were imprisoned by the sorcerer Potiphar centuries ago, were released years later due to the greed of mankind. Mureh, the leader of the goblin tribe, makes a pricey deal with the people. In return for the deal, they will receive a human sacrifice each year and they will be able to transform into humans using the body they received. But with the bodies they take, they also take the ambition of human beings. While Mureh, who is not satisfied with the lives he has taken, is waiting for his new victims, four young people named Anıl, Görkem, Beyza and Defne come to the crazy bride town where Mureh lives for the award-winning photography contest. When he could not find the hotel described, the teacher of the village, Kanber, placed the young people in the guesthouse. Now a nightmarish adventure has begun for the youth because one of them is descended from the village and the young people are unaware of what will happen. Young people who fall into a vicious circle will try to get rid of the brutality of the demons by pushing the limits of the village. '' Kulyas : The Price of the Curse '' Movie Director: Yunus ŞEVİK' (Shootihing Man) Screenplay: Mustafa Miraç KAYA and Esma ŞEVİK instagram: Producer: Dras Film Pictures - 2019 #kulyaslanetinbedeli #yunussevik #drasfilmpictures #cekenadam #kulyas #fear #horror #hollowen #devil #jinn #demon


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