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Title:China Mac Betrays Crip Mac! Akademiks takes His Scandalous Ex Back & More

Adam and Wack talk about Blueface latest legal issues, weigh in on Adam vs Joe Budden, Akademiks' love life, the rise and fall of China Mac, Lefty Gunplay being next up, Katt Williams, and more! ----- 0:00 Intro 1:05 Adam thinks there's gonna be backlash from their last episode 2:05 Wack says who gon' clap back? Adam says Spiffy might be one of them 5:10 "Women are savages too! Two cats had their slammers cut off!" 7:45 FREE BLUEFACE 8:45 Blueface turned himself in for a Chrisean thing, messed up probation, fans scream we love you Chrisean and hate Blueface, Chrisean went off, Blueface grabs their phone and Blueface got charged with robbery, he only got the phone for a second in his hand 14:45 Wack says Adam is hosting the Ray J t**ns show, Adam says he won't F tr**s, 15:25 Wack is surprised he has a limit to all of this after he got a lapdance from Sydney Starr, Adam explains "wet tr**s grundle": she was sitting there tucked in swamp and moist after sitting for 2 hours 16:45 Adam going to the AVN awards, gets so many requests when he goes there 18:05 Adam says he's getting freakier as a gets older, Wack goes to: "So you're potentially gay" 21:00 Adam uses hip hop as an excuse to say no to a tr**s, Wack says "don't put that on hip hop, you're not a part of the community", Adam is offended 22:40 Adam reminds Wack that they had a heated debate and maybe having Rory and Mal on No Jumper might be why they have tension 23:25 Wack wants to patch things up so Adam and Joe can be cool again, Adam was almost part of State of the Culture 25:00 Adam is working on the history of No Jumper and he found one moment where he said the n word, Wack says Adam never got his ass whooped coz he's too comfortable saying the n word 26:30 Wack asks if it's like a trophy for the white people saying it 28:05 Adam says saying the n word is less an issue than what Bill Cosby did, Wack says no, Wack says he will never allow Adam to say it 29:25 Lena and Jason Luv nominated for scene of the year, Wack says Adam must be annoyed and understand why he would wanna say the n word, Wack says he should go on stage with black face 32:40 They're kinda back to cordial with Jason Luv but who knows 35:30 Akademiks and Shae Glizzy are back together?? After everything that went down he flew out there, Wack is shocked he's back with her 40:00 Adam says maybe that was a tactic to remove attention from the other stuff he got going on 43:20 Adam and Wack tryna find a girl for Akademiks, Luenel? "That could work" + Tiffany Haddish has DUIs, says jail in Beverly Hills is fire 47:45 Jess Hilarious will not be the next host for the Breakfast Club, Charlamagne wanted her but iHeart stopped it, Charlamagne is the show, Wack says it's Envy 52:25 Adam says Remy cheated with a random battle rapper, thats lame, Wack is not sure it's true, but if it's true, the way they handle it is pretty cool 56:55 Katt Williams interview, Wack didn't know he adopted so many kids, Adam doesn't understand why adopting when you can have natural kids 1:07:45 China Mac keeps sending things to Wack and Adam, Adam blocked him 1:09:15 Why China Mac is mad at Adam: China Mac invited him to a fake bail hearing and pretended that if Adam was there Mac would have been free or something then painted Adam as the bad guy and exited as soon as Mac went to jail 1:12:40 Wack says China Mac is not successful because he has a b__ face 1:17:35 Wack says China Mac is looking crazy out here in these streets 1:18:30 Before Adam blocked him, China Mac's last message was fantasy stuff about Lena 1:21:10 G Face tryna pay 20K to set up Milk74 1:25:35 Mexican guy going viral saying "Mexican rappers suck!” 1:32:50 State of hip hop: Not in a great wave rn but anything can happen, Wack says labels don't care about street rap anymore 1:34:55 Gillie rumor that he ___ his son for a podcast bag 1:38:00 Wack on never signing a latino rapper coz there's too much politics ----- Get the latest news & videos CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! NO JUMPER PATREON CHECK OUT OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST Follow us on SNAPCHAT Follow us on SPOTIFY: iTunes: Follow us on Social Media: JOIN THE DISCORD: Follow Adam22: adam22hoe on Snapchat


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