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Title:BRAIN HEALTH EXPERT: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life | Dr. Daniel Amen X Rich Roll Podcast

Rich sits down with world-renowned adult and child psychiatrist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen to talk all things brain health, dementia, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, fostering mentally resilient children, and more. To read more about Dr. Amen and peruse the full show notes, go here👉🏾 ✌🏼🌱 - Rich This Episode Brought To You By... SEED Use code RICHROLL25 for 25% OFF 👉 ON Get 10% off 👉 LISTEN / SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Google: Meal Planner: Voicing Change Book: Clips Channel: Newsletter: CONNECT WITH RICH ✩ Website -​ ✩ Rich Roll Podcast - ✩ Instagram - ✩ Twitter - ✩ Facebook - ✩ Strava - ✩ Memoir: Finding Ultra - ✩ Meals -​ ✩ Cook - The Plantpower Way - ✩ Italian! - The Plantpower Way: Italia - ✩ Support - FILMED AND EDITED BY BLAKE CURTIS, DAN DRAKE & MORGAN MCRAE TIMESTAMPS 00:00:00 Intro 00:01:19 Brain Health And Mental Well-being 00:02:06 Cancer Diagnosis 00:02:39 Alzheimer's And Dementia Statistics 00:03:20 Challenges Of Healthcare 00:03:59 Preventing Alzheimer's 00:06:21 Causes Of Cognitive Decline 00:07:46 Neuroplasticity And Brain Improvement 00:09:55 Brain Imaging Technology 00:13:29 Diagnostic Benefits Of Brain Imaging 00:16:53 The Beginning Of Brain Imaging Technology 00:18:11 Controversy And Validation 00:19:19 The Impact Of Brain Imaging 00:22:16 Personal Experience And Clinical Breakthrough 00:25:34 Challenging Psychiatric Practices 00:27:23 Reframing Mental Health Language 00:29:29 Undiagnosed Brain Injuries 00:32:15 Sponsor Break 00:33:22 The Impact Of Childhood Trauma And Fame 00:36:02 Lifestyle Interventions For Brain Health 00:37:13 Mom's Beautiful Brain 00:38:18 Brain Envy 00:38:58 Blood Flow And Brain Health 00:40:48 Coordination Exercises 00:43:21 Past Lifestyle Choices 00:45:15 Brain Scanning And Lifestyle Changes 00:46:14 Chronic Inflammation And Brain Health 00:48:46 Blood Work And Health Indicators 00:50:00 Hormones, Toxins, And Brain Health 00:53:56 Weight And Brain Health 00:55:49 Loving Your Brain 00:56:12 The Difference In Absorbing Information 00:57:08 Early Childhood Trauma And Self-attack 00:58:43 Four Circles Of Evaluation 00:59:48 Intensive Short-term Dynamic Therapy 01:00:46 Power Of Brain Imaging 01:02:36 Sponsor Break 01:03:43 Back To The Show 01:04:50 ADHD Symptoms And Personal Experiences 01:09:29 Types Of ADHD 01:12:34 ADHD And Brain Scans 01:16:24 ADHD And Genetic Factors 01:16:55 Brain Injury And ADHD 01:17:33 Raising Mentally Strong Kids 01:19:38 Parenting Strategies And Attachment 01:20:44 Empowering Children To Solve Problems 01:23:59 Parenting Mission Statement And Attachment 01:28:23 Parenting And Attention 01:31:47 Supervision And Brain Development 01:34:36 Firm And Loving Parenting 01:35:55 Impact Of Social Media 01:38:12 The Dopamine Effect 01:41:44 Brain Thrive By 25 01:45:55 Tiny Habits For Brain Health 01:50:30 Managing Thoughts And Mental Flexibility 01:52:41 The Importance Of Self-compassion 01:53:32 Preparing For A Brain Scan 01:54:17 The Significance Of Brain Health At A Later Age 01:54:49 Credits * * * * * NEW TO RICH? Hi I'm Rich Roll. I'm a vegan ultra-endurance athlete, author, podcaster, public speaker & wellness evangelist. But mainly I'm a dad of four. If you want to know more, visit my website or check out these two the NY Times articles: I LOVE MAIL! SEND IT HERE: 2630 Conejo Spectrum St. Thousand Oaks, CA 91320 #richroll #richrollpodcast


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