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Title:these songs to cry in your room (slowed down songs) pt2

Story background in the video: In the empty room, a depressive and heavy mood filled the air. The space became quiet and lonely, with only the sound of the clock and the long bell. All the surrounding objects seem to be telling sad stories, making the soul even more anxious. A feeling of loneliness and silence filled the space, making every thought and emotion heavy and difficult to express. Hi everybody! 🎮My main goal for these types of videos is to be as creative as possible! 👉 My first channel posts a lot of Videos that suit your mood 👍 My videos are varied enough, I spend time learning mood music. I spent some time improving the original quality using "Track EQ". This requires concentration because each version has different sound quality. 👉My videos aim to bring the community together. I don't want their comments to go unnoticed so I'm already planning my future content around commenting and sharing their experiences on videos I will produce one day! 👉I think I have explained everything now. Enjoy and have a great day! socials ↴ ✨ Thanks for watching! Please LIKE and SHARE thais video guys, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel . Youtube: Instagram: Facebook: ✨ Have a nice day 💓 ✨ Thanks for listening to my music. © Copyright Contact © if they are any issues or any artists that would like to have their music taken down, please contact with me via the email, thank you!! #lostdreams#sadslowed #slowedsongs


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