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Title:What Was the Hardest Film to Make? - Part 2

Making any film is difficult, but we've found another 11 of the hardest films to make. Filming a one hundred vehicle chase in the desert, reshooting an entire film, and keeping up with Tommy Wiseau's weird demands. Some of these will be production nightmares, but almost all had an extensive list of issues that needed solving. These are highly ambitious projects that quickly made directors realize they had bitten off more than they could chew. These are films that took decades to complete, led actors to lose hair from stress, or even involved someone drugging the cast and crew's food. In the end you decide on which film takes the crown for being the hardest to make. Crawlspace BTS Short Film: Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 00:40 - Desert Chase 02:50 - Sharks 04:53 - Boat 07:18 - Worst Film 09:34 - Stressful Driving 11:49 - Filming Twice 13:30 - Klaus Kinski 15:27 - Kubrick x2 18:01 - Ambitious Animation 20:23 - Cursed Development 22:12 - Epic 23:43 - BONUS Mad Max Fury Road. George Miller. Tom Hardy. Jaws. Steven Spielberg. Production Nightmare. Titanic. James Cameron. Highest Box Office. Oscars. The Room. Tommy Wiseau. Worst Film Ever. Sorcerer. William Friedkin. Stressful Movie. Stalker. Andrei Tarkovsky. Filmed Twice. Crawlspace. Klaus Kinski. Difficult Actors. The Shining. Stanley Kubrick. Jack Nicholson. 2001 A Space Odyssey. The Thief And The Cobbler. Richard Williams. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. Ben-Hur. Terry Gilliam. Lost in La Mancha. Victoria. Longest Shot in Film. If you like this video don't forget to leave a like, and if you're interested in videos about movies and the film industry in general, make sure to subscribe to FilmStack for more great content. If you have any other ideas for videos, leave a comment and I might make a video with your idea. Patreon: Twitter: Instagram: #movieproduction #filmhistory #movielist


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