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Title:Bike Shop A$$H0LE tells how you've been DUPED! 10 reasons your bike is WRONG (or maybe right)!

In my decades of working in bike shops, I've seen and heard it all. Hell, I was totally DUPED into buying a fancy bike when I was 15, and now I literally make a living telling people their bikes suck (or not). So many people get so many things wrong about bikes. But IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! There's so much snake oil marketing out there, it's impossible for anyone to get it right. Sizing, maintenance, frame material, your abilities, budget, etc. all make getting the right bike way too complicated to get it right the first time. I've got my own opinions, likely very different from yours, but mine are RIGHT! So, just because I don't know any better, I'm gonna tell ya! Check out the other videos all sorts of bicycle repair as we refurbish and restore used bicycles or tune up customer bikes from all major brands including (but not limited to) Trek, Fuji, Specialized, Giant, Raleigh, Mongoose, GT, Schwinn, Rivendell, Waterford, Cervelo, Felt, Kona, Cannondale, Bianchi, Marin, Canyon, Scott, Salsa, Surly, All-City, etc. We will fix skipping gears, noisy chains, flat tires, presta valves, bent rims, numbness in hands, sticky shifters, squeaky brakes, uncomfortable saddles, upright handlebars by adjusting derailleurs, brake adjustments, new cables, new chain and cassette, freewheels, shifter overhauls, changing brake pads, lubrication, adjusting hubs, headsets and bottom bracket replacements, etc. or even just the easy way to tuneup your bicycle!


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