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Title:In Michigan Tuesday, We Ask the President to Listen to Michigan | Ep. 309 Rumble with Michael Moore

(Originally aired 2/25/24) Stunned by his refusal to stop funding Netanyahu’s slaughter in Gaza with our tax dollars — an action that may return Trump to the Oval Office — thousands in Michigan who are demanding an immediate ceasefire, including the statewide teachers union, the United Auto Workers, the National Nurses Union and the union of flight attendants(!) plus many others on Tuesday will vote “Uncommitted” to help save Biden from himself… and save the rest of us from a 2nd Term Trump. As Michelle Goldberg wrote in the Times on Friday, "Biden is in danger of losing Michigan and, with it, the whole election." For more of Michael's work, subscribe to his Substack at ******************** See footage of the lone protestor who, armed with a loudspeaker, made sure "Free, Free Palestine!" and "Ceasefire Now!" was heard over and over — for 2 hours straight — at the Independent Spirit Awards on Sunday night: ⁠⁠ Watch Yuval Abraham’s powerful acceptance speech at the Berlin International Film Festival: ⁠⁠ Read Michelle Goldberg’s New York Times op-ed “Biden Is in Danger of Losing Michigan and, With It, the Whole Election” ⁠⁠ ******************** Episode Underwriters: Netflix and their powerful film “Society of the Snow” — nominated for 2 Academy Awards including Best International Feature Film. Available on Netflix now! Moink brings additive-free, farm-fresh meat right to your door, and supports independent family farmers in the process. Go to right now and get FREE bacon for a YEAR. Get a 4-week trial, free postage, and a digital scale at Thanks to for sponsoring the show! ******************** Write to Mike: Send in a voice message:


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