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Title:BEST FRIEND BETRAYAL CHANGED ME FOREVER 💔 Toxic female friendships #PointlessStoriesWithAditi

In today's episode of pointless stories with aditi, let's talk about female friendships- how the idea of a female friendship is wonderful but the reality is nothing short of a nightmare when your so called best friend is an insecure person. Sharing a pointless story from my teenage years about a 7-9 year long friendship during the most impressionable years of my life that had a huge impact on how I see girl best friends today. The lying, manipulation, subtle disses and insults disguised jokes are not worth begging to "sustain" relationship and today we decode why many female friendships fail for all of us, what's the root cause of women pulling each other down and being in a secret competition with each other for no reason at all. The aim of this video is not to place blames / spread negativity or self victimisation. We're all a product of our own decisions in life, we're all responsible for where we end up. So let's try to re-evaluate where we're going wrong, what needs to be changed, who we need or don't need in our lives and how reflecting upon societal conditioning can actually help us break a toxic cycle of insecurities being passed on and finally be liberated from this unnecessary baggage. How can women uplift other women? help eo grow together? Let's find out.... Let me know what you think of this video in the comments and if there's any other topic you'd want me to discuss in the next episode. Don't forget to be kind! Disclaimer: I'm not a professional, just sharing my own life story with you guys, bit by bit. Hateful remarks of any kind on me & my family will not be entertained on this channel. Be respectful, thanks :) If you're new to this channel let me tell you we like to keep it real & quirky. Watch some of my best here: Quirky Birthday Week: Cook With Quirky: Lockdown Vlogs: Quirky Hauls: Travel Vlogs: Like/Share/Comment/Subscribe if you like what you see :) Follow me on my social media : Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: For Collabs: Fanmail/ Personal : Disclaimer – I can’t guarantee that all of the make-up and skincare products I recommend will suit you. Please test products out on yourself before purchasing. I only feature products I like or want to try. The products I use in these videos are either purchased by me or sent to me by make-up companies to use in my professional capacity as a vlogger/blogger interested in creating beauty content. All the content and images on this channel belong to me and are protected under copyright law. Kindly DON'T copy or reproduce content without my prior explicit permission. -THATQUIRKYMISS


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