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Title:moth to a flame (slowed + reverb) ~ best slowed & reverb songs ~ chill slowed songs to vibe to

moth to a flame (slowed + reverb) ~ best slowed & reverb songs ~ chill slowed songs to vibe to Lofi: Hope you guys enjoy our videos, don't forget to LIKE - SUBSCRIBE - COMMENT - SHARE & Turn on notifications (press 🔔) to stay updated with new uploads. Also, if you ever want to suggest a song or playlist, just comment on any video. Tracklist: 00:00 Veronica Bravo, lost., Pop Mage - Moth To A Flame 04:10 Onyra, lost., Pop Mage - Takeaway(SLOWED) 07:50 Honeyfox, lost., Pop Mage - Symphony 09:55 Jillian Jensen, lost., Hunter Keys, Pop Mage - Crazy(SLOWED) 12:50 Honeyfox, lost., Pop Mage - Creep (Slowed) 15:50 Leggiero, Honeyfox, Pop Mage - Apologize 18:50 lost., Honeyfox, Pop Mage - Heat Waves 22:00 Lottie Woodward, Hunter Keys, Pop Mage - Zero 25:50 Honeyfox, lost., Pop Mage - Can_t Help Falling In Love With You 28:50 Honeyfox, lost., Pop Mage - Forever Young (Slowed) 31:20 Lottie Woodward, Hunter Keys, Pop Mage - Meet Me Halfway 36:50 Shiah Maisel, lost. _ Pop Mage - Happy For You (Slowed) 41:40 lost., Pop Mage - Ghost (Slowed) 44:40 Shira Neshama, lost., Pop Mage - Don_t Stop Me Now (SLOWED) 47:35 lost., Pop Mage - Easy On Me (Slowed) 51:30 lost., Pop Mage - Outside (Slowed) 55:20 lost., Pop Mage - Don_t You Worry Child (slowed) 59:10 Harley Bird, lost. _ Pop Mage - Attention 01:03:00 Michelle Ray, lost., Pop Mage - Set Fire To The Rain 01:06:40 Amanda Yang x Keny Grey - Lonely(slowed) COPYRIGHT © & FAQ • This video was given a special license directly from the artist's visual. • All music on Lost Souls is copyrighted and prohibited from re-up without Magic Records permission. #lostsouls #slowedsong #reverbsong slowed down,slowed songs,slowed down tiktok song,slowed down songs,slowed down songs sad,slowed down songs tik tok,slowed down songs hot,best slowed down songs,slowed down songs to cry to,my favorite slowed down songs,tiktok songs,tiktok,slowed,tiktok slowed down,slowed down tiktok songs,tiktok songs slowed down,tiktok slowed and reverbed songs,slowed down songs mix,vibe slowed tiktok,tiktok mashup slowed down,best slowed and reverb songs,slowed down music


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