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Title:The Miraculous Life of Prophet Muhammad | The first Islamic AI documentary 4K

The documentary "The Miraculous Life of Prophet Muhammad" tells the life of the Prophet Muhammad with a focus on the miracles he performed. There are various interpretations and definitions of these miracles. What all scholars and Islamic scholars agree on is that the Holy Quran is the greatest miracle given to Prophet Muhammad. The project was a great challenge for me and is now finally completed after two years of planning and editing. Nevertheless, I feel a certain sadness because the project actually had much more potential, which I was unable to fully exploit due to financial restrictions. Nevertheless, the joy of being able to share the result with you now outshines my sadness! :) Next, I plan to release the movie in English and Turkish as well as a version for children (also in several languages). After that, I will dedicate myself to a new, even bigger project. At this stage, I need your support more than ever. Even the smallest contributions are valuable. You can support me and my work with just three euros a month via Patreon. Alternatively, you can also support me via the "Thanks" button on YouTube. There are no additional fees or subscriptions. You can also send me other support options, such as vouchers, by email. You can find the relevant links and my e-mail address at the end of this text. A subscription and a like would also be very welcome. But the most important thing at the end: Please remember to include me in your supplications! :) Important information: The faces of the prophets and other religious-historical figures are not depicted. Scenes featuring representations of angels are purely symbolic and do not reflect the true appearance of angels. Numbers and time indications are, in most cases, rounded up or down. This video is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution on other platforms is prohibited. I reserve the right to take legal action against content theft. Respect intellectual property! Support TrueWahrheit ♥️ Contact TrueWahrheit ♥️ E-Mail: Subscribe to TrueWahrheit on Facebook ✔️ Subscribe to TrueWahrheit on TikTok ✔️ 00:00 Intro & Foreword 00:11 Adam, Abraham, Kaaba 01:57 Jesus, the son of Mary 03:56 Muhammad and the family tree 04:38 Mecca before Islam 05:18 The year of the elephant 08:02 The birth of Muhammad 09:27 Jews in search 10:31 Family tree of the prophets 14:51 Wet nurse (milk mother) 15:36 Muhammad's childhood 16:52 The monk 18:22 Prophet Moses & the Israelites 22:15 Israelites & Ishmaelites 24:31 Khadija, the princess of Mecca 26:04 The first revelation 27:41 The mission begins 29:28 The idolaters 33:12 The splitting of the moon 35:56 Boycott & the miracle 38:30 Miraj - The Ascension 42:09 GOD ALLAH 43:46 Hijra (the emigration) 44:54 The miracle of the spider's web 46:36 Medina 49:05 Confrontations 53:26 The conquest of Mecca 54:38 Allah & Bible 57:45 The end #islam #ramadan #movie -------------------------- LICENSE / COPYRIGHT INFORMATION Videos, images, and music tracks are licensed from elements.envato, Storyblocks, Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash unless otherwise noted.


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