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Title:Nick Cannon on balancing fatherhood with work life, love of Mariah & Father’s Day plans | The Pivot

SUBSCRIBE HERE: GET MERCH HERE: "When you see a man fall, don't laugh at him, learn from it." We can learn and sometimes laugh our way through life as long as we do it with respect and humility. Ryan, Channing and Fred sit down with media mogul Nick Cannon to talk about his journey through the music, film and TV industries as well as his life behind the scenes with 12 children and a hustle that continues to pay dividends for him. From stand-up comedy sets making $7 an hour with a free dinner to music producer to actor to hosting, Nick Cannon is able to do it all. And on the latest episode of The Pivot, he opens up about his upbringing, his unique mindset, managing expectations and creating a lifestyle of fame and fortune but a life often crafted by headlines as the entertainer navigates his complex personal path with a booming professional journey. Nick has worked for everything that he has today, and he reflects on where that sense of motivation came from, pointing to his unique childhood situation. Always on the move, he talks about early opportunities and the moments that sprung his career forward. He is most known for his juggling of many different professional hats, but he also gives insight on his family life, even swapping jokes about his $10 million testicle insurance policy. Keeping an open mind and having sone laughs with the guys, Nick speaks from the heart and with honesty about his choices to father several children. With 12 children from 6 different mothers, his life off-screen is a testament to his dedication and love for family. Despite the complexities, Nick sheds light on the fulfillment he finds in fatherhood, sharing moments and special ways to make Father's Day unforgettable for each and every one of his kids. With one son passing from a brain tumor at 5 months old to another growing up today with autism, he opens up about supporting each child in the best way he can to give each of his children the best parts of life and put them all in a place to experience their time differently. Sharing insight into his marriage with Mariah Carey and private intricacies of their relationship, Nick doesn't shy away from personal struggles he faced with his dream girl and is able to reflect, pinpointing the painful moment he realized he had to Pivot in order to regain himself. From creating Wild N’ Out to his days on America's Got Talent to now hosting The Masked Singer, Nick has a long list of self-accomplishments on his resume, but amidst the accolades, he remains humble, touching on how he continues to learn daily, especially from comments he made that got him “canceled.” Nick credits Will Smith as being the one person who mentored him and explains the tremendous upside of that relationship while shedding the downside of mounds of pressure put on him as well. Before wrapping, Ryan asks Nick how he handles the sensitive situations around very public Hollywood friendships he had with R Kelly and P Diddy and without hesitation but poise and grace in his tone, Nick addresses the situations directly and how he has explained the recent revelations to his children. New episodes drop on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. ET and Fridays at 3:30 p.m ET on YouTube, with audio available on all streaming platforms including Apple, Spotify and Amazon. New York City, come meet us at Fanatics Fest NYC! We’ll be recording our podcast LIVE with some special guests, signing autographs, meeting fans, taking photos and more. We’re excited to be at FFNYC alongside some of the biggest names in sports such as Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Kevin Durant, Sabrina Ionescu, and more. FFNYC is happening August 16 –18, 2004 at the Javits Center. Tickets are on sale. Visit to learn more and to buy your tickets now! FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | #ThePivot #podcast #nickcannon #RyanClark #ChanningCrowder #FredTaylor #nfl #fathersday


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