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Title:Xxxtentacion Interview - The Mars Files

Originally uploaded Sept 29th 2016 I finally got a chance to talk to sit down and have a conversation with XXXTENTACION. After being released from jail he's been dealing with alot. We covered a bunch of topics during the interview then Robb Banks showed up. This was by far my favorite interview and in my opinion the best one I've done so far. X is one of my favorite artist from SoFlo and anywhere for that matter. Also X is the first no jumper alumni I've had a chance to interview then i got to interview Robb Banks right after be on the look out for that one coming soon. S/O to X for wanting to do the interview in the first place. X didn't wanna be on camera so we decided to not video this one but i think it made the conversation better so just listen as he drops some gems. ENJOY!!!!!!! LIKE!! COMMENT!! SUBSCRIBE!! 00:00 Intro 00:47 Early days 01:55 What kind of student were you? 02:43 What was your problem with school? 02:53 Where do you think your madness comes from? 03:00 Why do you feel depressed? 03:40 As you get more successful do you feel less of a burden? 04:44 Where does the void you have come from? 05:00 How did you get into music? 05:42 Is music therapeutic for you? 06:14 Alone 06:35 What was jail like? 07:34 Did anyone know who were in jail? 08:40 Moving around different jails 09:10 How are you gonna do shows? 09:55 Do things feel different from a year and a half ago till now? 11:02 Drugs? 11:17 How does it feel to be free? 11:40 Moving forward whats the plan? 13:15 What motivates you? 14:45 Happiness 16:59 Whats your favorite song you ever done? 18:00 What inspires you? 18:43 Do you watch TV? 20:05 Rolling Loud 23:04 Upcoming shows 23:40 Court 24:25 Going Hollywood 26:25 Favorite Videographers 26:45 Consistency 29:16 What caused your sound to change early on? 30:16 Kurt Cobain 31:00 How do you say your name and what does it mean? 31:38 How long were you in jail for and did people write you? 33:05 Next tour and Album 35:48 Does it feel good to have a song hit 100k in one day? 37:11 What is your relationship with Ski right now? 42:06 First time we hung out 43:07 Do you realize your influence? 44:30 Energy 45:36 Expectations 46:04 SGP 47:50 Atlanta vs SoFlo 49:20 This Interview is a blessing 49:35 Why there is no visuals for this interview? / No Jumper 49:49 S/O ADAM22 FROM NO JUMPER 50:25 Burden/Gift 50:50 Whats the sound of the Album? 51:25 Relationship with Denzel Curry? 52:25 Beef 53:35 Jail will change you 54:20 Spiritual Awareness/What happens when you die?/Religion 1:03:00 The Camera does something to you 1:03:24 The Hanger 1:03:38 Drew Swace 1:04:15 Your City 1:05:21 Whose the biggest person thats reached out? 1:07:37 Did you really sell your soul? Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram:


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