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Title:NAAGIN MANJULIKA - South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie | Horror Movies In Hindi

Presenting South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie (South Movie In Hindi, South Indian Movie Dubbed in Hindi, Hindi Movies, South Movie, Hindi Dubbed Movies) "NAAGIN MANJULIKA" starring Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar, Ram Saravanan & N.Nakamaneci. Exclusively on Blockbuster South Movie. Subscribe to Blockbuster South Movie For South Indian Movies in Hindi for FREE - Popular Movies: ⦿ Most Wanted Khiladi - ⦿ Zabardast Khiladi - ⦿ Bhookamp Ek Toofan - ⦿ Baaghi Khiladi - ⦿ RAW Khiladi - ⦿ Mega Khiladi - ⦿ One Man Army - ⦿ Hanuted Dhamaal - ⦿ Rowdy Baby - ⦿ Rani Damayanti - Credits: Directed by N.Nakamaneci Produced by R.N.Sreeja Written by N.Nakamaneci Starring: Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar, Ram Saravanan, N.Nakamaneci Music by Mithun Eshwar Cinematography: Gopal Edited by Shebin Sebastian & Pradeep Production company: Sree Nagaraja Sarpayashi Films Pvt Ltd Synopsis: The film unfolds through a journey where one faces the consequence when two people meet each other. Devathai, who is the daughter of the ex-minister Chitravel comes across her first love Kaushik at her grandmother's death.She starts her love adventure to know more about Kaushik. Meanwhile, her elder sister Nithya develops a relationship with her father's rival Paddi Alandhan's son Prakash. A special investigating officer Nagaraj is set to unravel the clues and in his investigation, he gradually realizes that it is not any man behind this, but it is the power of the Demon force (Ghost) that was leading to these gruesome murders, which cannot been seen or heard. while getting deeper into investigation he gets to know the reason behind the ghost doing this and from where and why has this ghost been originated, trying to get solution over this problems, he gets to know the Nagraja temple in Nagarcoil and the power behind that, in that temple there is a Five head snake and the mud that comes out From Five Head Snake is the “prasdam” for that temple and it is really powerful,if any ones applies that "Prasdam" on their forehead then no evil, sprit, or ghost will touch or come near them, and using the power of this temple he is able to destroy the demonic force (Ghost) thus succeeding making the ghost flee. Subscribe to Blockbuster South Movie For South Indian Movies in Hindi for FREE - #HindiMovie #SouthMovie #NaaginManjulika


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