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Title:Alamat e Qayamat |Imam Mahdi ka zahoor |Fitna Dajjal |pashto bayan |molana shekh idrees sahib

Alamat e Qayamat |Imam Mahdi ka zahoor |Fitna Dajjal |pashto bayan |molana shekh idrees sahib #ULAMAEDEOBANDPASHTOBAYANAT First of all Assalamualaikum frnds This Channel based on the Islamic lectures. Frnds Thanks for watching my video plz like and comment my videos and share your ideas if you share your ideas and discuss about my mistakes after that I try to remove this mistakes again thanks watching by videos and plz subscribe my channel for watching more Islamic videos especially thanks to Maulana Muawiyah Sahib to give me some Ulmahs Bayans we uploaded the Ulmah Bayans Shaikh UL Hadees Mufti Syed Qamer Sahib Maulana Qari Sami Ullah Jan Farooqi Sahib Mufti Abdullah shah sahib,maulana idrees sahid, some other Ulmah pashto #pashtobayanat, by the help of Maulana Muawiyah shaib #pashtobayan #islamicbayan #muftitariqmasood #muftiabdullahshah #maulanaidrees #pashtobayan Alamat e Qayamat |Imam Mahdi ka zahoor |Fitna Dajjal |pashto bayan |molana shekh idrees sahib qayamat ki nishaniyan alamat qayamat in urdu alamat e qayamat Alamat qayamat qayamat ka manzar video qayamat ka manzar kaisa hoga qayamat ka din Qayamat ka manzar molana bijligar new pashto bayan Da qayamat bayan pashto Imam mahdi Imam mahdi ka zahoor Mufti sardar ali haqqani Imam mehdi ka zahoor kab hoga dajjal ka fitna dajjal ki nishaniyan dajjal kahan hai Dajjal kab aayega Fitna dajjal ___________@_@&@&#&&##&@_________ Fazail e Ramzan | Pashto bayan Mufti Abdullah shah Deeni majlis shirkat| Da Amal Niyat| Mufti Sayed Qamar sahib Hazrat zulqarnain aur yajooj majooj | Mufti Abdullah shah Maghfirat or Rehmat Mufti Syed qamer sahib pashto bayan ____________$$$$$$$$______________________ pashto Islamic bayanat ka leya channel ko subscribe Kara شیخ الحدیث حضرت مولانا مفتی سید قمر صاحب دارالعلوم سرحد: اپریل2019جلسہ دستار بندی اور ختم قرآن شریف عظیم الشان پیغام اخوت و اجتماعیت بمقام جامعہ فاروقیہ عید گاہ روڈ موسیٰ زئی پشاور: عید بیانات مفتی سیدقمرصاحب عیدگاہ فاروق اعظم موسٰی زئی پشاور: FaceBook page ________________________#######_______________ #Pashtobayan #pashtobayanabdullahshah#Maulanaidreessahib #muftiSayedqamersahib#islamicvideo #molanashekhidreessahibpashto ____________&&&&&&&&&&_____________ ***Copyright Disclaimer Under the Section of 107 the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. #ShaikhULHadeesMuftiSyedQamarTube


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