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Title:Chaudhary - Amit Trivedi feat Mame Khan, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2

In a world where most love stories are about kids in love, this song is different. It's about a man's undying love towards a young girl. The village Choudhry is a powerful, restrained and successful man who falls in love with a young girl. This song teases those feelings. The feeling of helplessness, of giving into an emotion so strong, that one cannot even dream of fighting it! The lyrics in the song perfectly depict the difference in the lovers, where he is calm & restrained with a strong sense of propriety while she is young, enthusiastic & impulsive. Accompanied by the traditional khartal and sarangi, fused with drums and guitars, this is a completely new take on the Rajasthani folk music. Now get Coca-Cola delivered home. To order, click Find the lyrics at 3 Credits: Composer: Amit Trivedi Producer: Amit Trivedi Language: Hindi & Marwari Lyrics: Shellee Vocals: Mame Khan Sarangi: Dilshad Khan Dholak: Prasad Malandkar Khartal: Mohammed Rafiq Guitar: Sanjoy Das Drums: Darshan Doshi Keys: Amit Trivedi Keys: Jarvis Menezes Bass: Rushad Mistry Guitar: Shon Pinto Percussion: Sanket Athale Backing Vocalist: Thomson Andrews Backing Vocalist: Ryan Dias Backing Vocalist: Deep Pradhan Backing Vocalist: Gwen Dias Backing Vocalist: Shannon Donald Backing Vocalist: Petula Fernandes Recorded by: Steve Fitzmaurice, Ashish Manchanda (Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai), assisted by Thorsten Muller Mixed by Ashish Manchanda, Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai Mixed & Mastered by Shadab Rayeen at Amit's Mumbai and Premier Digital Mastering Studios, Mumbai Song Synopsis: Lukk - chipp na javo ji , manney deed karavo ji Rae kyun tarsavey ho , manney sakal dikhavo ji Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari  Mahaarey Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom ...  Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom Moh re liya tanney aesa khela daav  Khaavey hichkoley mahaarey mann ki naav  Moh re liya tanney aesa khela daav  Khaavey hichkoley mahaarey mann ki naav  Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari  Mahaarey se levo na panga ji main kehan lagi Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom. Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom. Daal - bhaati khale aakey mahaarey gaanv  Ghannaa ghera dala thara chokhaa chadhaa chaav Daal - bhaati khale aakey mahaarey gaanv  Ghannaa ghera dala thara chokhaa chadhaa chaav Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari  Mahaarey se levo na panga ji main kehan lagi Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom ! Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom ! Lukk - chipp na javo ji , manney deed karavo ji Rae kyun tarsavey ho , manney sakal dikhavo ji Thaari saraarat sabb jaanu main chaudhari  Mahaarey se levo na pangaaji main kehan lagi Mahaarey hivdhey mein jaagi dhaunkani Rae chandaa main thaari chandni  Maney daaman mein baandhi khusi  Rae jhoom , jhoom, Jhoom jhoom baa jhoom Context: A lover telling the beloved what he means to her and how his love has made her very happy and how his playful love has brought her heart alive. Meaning of the song: Lover asks her beloved "Chaudhary" (a title of a man from ethnic clans of Rajasthan/Haryana who owns lands) to not test her patience anymore, but to meet her soon. As she is desperate to meet him and show him how happy she is and how his love has become the thread of her very being. She exultingly compares herself to the light, of the moon, that he is, telling him that her heart is in a trance, ever since he has come into her life. She says that he has got her hook, line, and sinker and playfully tells him that she understands all his tricks, as to how he did that. She lures him to have Daal-Bhaati (a sweet dish) that she has especially prepared for him, just so that she can see him again. She says that she has filled the dish with lot of Ghee (butter) to add to the taste, just as his love has beautifully brightened her very being.


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