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Title:Thomas and Friends Season 23 Full Episodes Compilation

Everyone loves our Thomas and Friends full episode parodies, so here's five of our funniest videos from season 23; Chucklesome Trucks, Free the Roads, Panicky Percy, Diesel Do Right and Gordon Gets the Giggles! These family friendly full episodes are sure to cause confusion and delay all over Sodor! 0:00 Chucklesome Trucks 9:37 Free the Roads 16:56 Panicky Percy 26:52 Diesel Do Right 35:44 Gordon Gets the Giggles Chucklesome Trucks: One evening, Sir Topham Hatt came up to Thomas, James, Percy and Rebecca to ask for a volunteer to pull a special the next day. Thomas, James and Percy are eager to pull it, until the Fat Controller reveals that it's some trucks to take to Vicarstown. This makes the three refuse to take them, leading to the Fat Controller to choose Rebecca for the job. Free the Roads: Bulgy is annoyed at the engines always taking the passengers. He attempts to take some that are waiting for Percy to arrive, but they decline his offer to ride on him. Bulgy attempts to block off Percy at the level crossing while trying to express his "free the roads" policy, but moves after Bertie tells him to. While fantasying about him and Bertie saving passengers from being taken by Percy by taking them instead, he accidently knocks into some steel drums that have some tyres on them. One of the tyres rolls off the drums and onto a plank of wood that launches a bag of soil into a water tower. Panicky Percy: Hurrying back home one snowy morning after being delayed, Percy avoids falling into the turntable well on the icy rails at Tidmouth Sheds. Nia warns everyone about the dangers snow could bring, harking back to her accident in China. Percy, intimidated, suggests that they all stay in the sheds but Emily and Thomas persuade him otherwise. Thomas tells Percy to enjoy the snow and that he will meet him later at Knapford Station. Diesel Do Right: Diesel is cross about being in trouble with the Fat Controller after mistakenly taking some trucks to Whiff's Waste Dump instead of the docks like he was supposed to. Now having to, in Dart's words, fix his own problems, Diesel is upset over having to take trucks to Brendam the next day before starting his other jobs and over the fact that the other diesels do not seem to care about how it feels to be in trouble all the time. Sidney offers to help, but Den reminds him that he needs to collect parts to help repair Philip, who is waiting nearby. Gordon Gets the Giggles: Rebecca is getting into accidents in the yard: getting herself covered in honey after bumping into a truck full of honey jars, almost colliding with Thomas and bumping into trucks of fruits and vegetables which end up covering her. Thomas laughs at her accident, which Rebecca also sees the funny side to. Even Gordon cannot help but laugh, which surprises Thomas and Rebecca, but he attempts to cover it up as he leaves. Watch more Thomas and Friends Full episodes here: Thanks for watching, thumbs up if you enjoyed our video! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: Blog: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Cameo: YouTube: Thomas and Friends is Popular All Over the World! Tomas və dostları, Thomas e seus amigos, En Thomas i els seus amics, 托马斯和朋友, 湯馬仕小火車, Tomica i Prijatelji, Lokomotiva Tomáš, Thomas og Vennerne, Toomas ja Sõbrad, Tuomas Vetur, Thomas et ses Amis, Thomas, die kleine Lokomotive, Thomas und seine Freunde, Τόμας το Τρενάκι, Thŏmasa ṭaiṅka in̄jana aura dōstōṁ, थॉमस टैंक इंजन और दोस्तों, Thomas a Gözmozdony, Thomas és Baratai, Tommi togvagn og vinir hans, תומס הקטר וחברים, Tomas HaKatar VaH̱averim, Il Trenino Thomas, きかんしゃトーマス, Kikansha Tōmasu, 꼬마기관차 토마스와 친구들, Thomas y sus Amigos, Tomas un Draugi, Tomas ir Draugai, Thomas de Stoomlocomotief, Lokomotivet Thomas, Thomas og Vennene Hans, Tomek i Przyjaciele, Thomas o Trem Azul, Locomotiva Thomas și prietenii săi, Томас и его друзья, Tomas is a Threud, Tomas i Drugari, Thomas a jeho priatelia, Lokomotivček Tomaž in prijatelji, Thomas och Vännerna, 湯瑪士小火車, โทมัสและเพื่อน, Thomas ve Arkadaşları, Паровоз Томас та його друзі, Томас і Друзі, Thomas và những người bạn, Tomos a'i Ffrindiau thomas die lokomotive 鉄道 鈴川絢子 tomaz レビュー tomac thomas et ses amis スーツ Who’s your favourite tren? #thomasandfriends #thomas #thomastrain #thomastrains #thomasthetank #thomasthetankengine #thomaswoodenrailway #thomasfriends #thomasandfriend


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