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Title:What is Real-Time Analytics? (A StarTree Lightboard by Tim Berglund)

Apache Pinot™ video: | Join: | Tim Berglund (Developer Relations, StarTree) explains Real-Time Analytics in terms of events, insights, and actions, and how it is situated along the axes of (a) batch vs real-time processing, and (b) internal vs user-facing analytics applications. Real-time analytics help us make better data products that enable our users to make better and more timely decisions. To enable this we need to be able to ingest data as soon as events happen, query that data as soon as it’s ingested, and do so at scale. Furthermore, there is an increasing need to unleash analytical capabilities directly to the end users to democratize decision making. This, or “User-Facing Analytics,” is a new frontier that will shape the products of tomorrow and push the limits of existing technology. It demands a solution that will scale to millions of users to provide fast, real-time insights. This was the primary motivation behind Apache Pinot and is currently being used by companies like LinkedIn, Uber, Stripe, and Walmart to power rich, user-facing analytical applications. With StarTree, our mission is to enable companies of all sizes to be able to build use cases like these on top of Apache Pinot effortlessly and in a cost-effective manner. LEARN MORE ► "What is Apache Pinot?" Lightboard video Tim mentions: ► Official Apache Pinot site: ► Learn more: CHAPTERS 0:00 Events -- Insights -- Actions 0:48 Diminishing Value of Events Over Time + Meal Delivery Use Case 2:08 Parties Interested in Real-Time Analytics Use Case 3:15 Quadrants: Batch vs Real-Time, Internal vs User-Facing Analytics 6:05 Apache Pinot: Real-Time, User-Facing, and Scalable 7:54 Key-value Stores, Doc Search, and LinkedIn's Success with Pinot 9:12 Simple Definition of Real-Time Analytics 9:23 Additional Resources CONNECT Subscribe on YouTube: Community Slack: Twitter: Linkedin: GitHub: Site: ABOUT STARTREE When you hear “decision maker,” it's natural to think, “C-suite,” or “executive.” But these days, we’re all decision-makers. So, yes, the CEO is a crucial decider, but the franchise owner, the student, or the big box shopper all have important choices to make, too. The difference is, those traditional decision-makers have access to relevant data to guide their thinking. All the others? Flying blind. Our vision is to change that. We believe every decision-maker should have access to fast, fresh, actionable insights. We’re motivated to unlock what’s possible when you put the right information in the right hands at the right time. Like the restaurant owner who’s able to call in an extra cook because she can see the surge in orders coming. Or the holiday shopper who has plenty of time to pick a different gift for his loved one because he sees his original order is delayed at the moment the supplier registers a procurement delay. Or the use-case we can’t even envision yet, because it is sitting in your data, waiting to be set free. Exposing timely information to real decision makers in intuitive apps that not only inform, but allow you to act on the information being shared. That’s how we’re unleashing the power of user-facing analytics. #apachepinot #realtimeanalytics #startree


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