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Title:Vladimir Putin's Speech on Ukraine and US Foreign Policy and NATO - 24 February 2022, ENG Subtitles

Support me on Patreon - Address by President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation on the Military Intervention in Ukraine; a Critique of U.S. - led foreign policy in Yugoslavia/Serbia, Libya, Syria, and Iraq; and the goals of the Russian Federation in Ukraine 24 February 2022 Original video - Complete speech in Russian with English subtitles. ***Disclaimer*** All videos in this Playlist are subtitled in English without any additional commentary or opinion. Videos are complete recordings of original source material from the Russian and Ukrainian governments and are offered here as a service to those looking for uncut videos who cannot speak either language and prefer subtitles to read alongside the original language instead of a dubbed interpreter voice-over. Comments are left open for public engagement, though YouTube does flag some that may be deemed either Spam or Inappropriate. It may take a day or two for me to go through every one, and it is up to me to decide whether to approve them. Normally I approve comments in the name of public expression. All opinions in the comment sections belong to the authors. Thank you to all the support and subscriptions to my page over the last month. My decision to offer these videos comes in light of there being no availability of these speeches uncut or taken out of context. This playlist addresses a public interest in the ongoing war in Ukraine.


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