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Title:Saenchai - All Knockouts of the Legend

Saenchai is the joker of Muay Thai known for all of his antics. But he is no clown, he is the king of kings... an untouchable fighter that is unreadable, precise, and spectacular. When Saenchai stops playing around, he can easily knockout his opponents. At 42 years old, he's still on a 65 fight win streak. These are all of Saenchai's knockouts, and they are truly legendary. Saenchai Knockouts Intro: 0:00 - 3:06 Saenchai vs Khem Sitsongpeenong: 3:06 Saenchai vs Tetsuya Yamato: 4:16 Saenchai vs Yetkin Ozkul: 4:49 Saenchai vs Nong O: 6:22 Saenchai vs Jchao Li Dao: 7:18 Saenchai vs Stanislav Patrakov: 8:14 Saenchai vs Adaylton Freitas: 8:42 Saenchai vs Stephen Meleady: 10:04 Saenchai vs Craig Dickson: 11:21 Saenchai vs Ghilas Barache: 12:53 Saenchai vs Alessio D’Angelo: 14:00 Saenchai vs Charles Francois: 14:51 Saenchai vs Phal Sophorn: 16:42 Saenchai vs Sean Clancy: 17:22 Saenchai vs Lurii Bukhvalov: 19:17 Saenchai vs Jonathan Tuhu: 19:48 Saenchai vs Ncedo Gomba: 21:16 Saenchai vs Henrique Muller: 22:03 Saenchai vs Ramin Moazzami: 24:07 Saenchai vs Sif El Islam Djebaili: 24:41 Saenchai vs Javad Bigdeli: 25:46 Saenchai vs Batjargal Sundui: 27:33 Saenchai vs Alejandro Amicucci: 28:20 Saenchai vs Tophik Abdullaev: 29:10 Saenchai vs Gabriel Dos Santos: 29:44 Saenchai vs Omar Elouers: 32:56 Saenchai vs Timothy Kamal: 33:22 Saenchai vs Ali Ghodratisaraskan: 34:09 Legend of Saenchai: 34:50 Learn from Legends: Free Legendary Strategies: ----------------------------------- Instagram: Facebook: #saenchai #muaythai #knockout


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