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Title:Liquify | 'Illusionary Reality' (Instrumental Psychedelic Rock)

Liquify - Illusionary Reality Liquify is a one-man hard psychedelic rock project from America. Relax, lay back and embrace the Illusionary Reality. Feel the groove of the psychedelic stonerific riffs along with the trippy solos. Enter the dream world at the ivory castle and follow the crystal river flowing from the green sea and begin on your quest for eternity. Beware of the sleeping dragon who has been kept under Orion's spell. As you proceed, be weary of sunstroke as you reach the mighty desert. For the dream state will be as strange as that of a hallucinogen. In the skyline haze, you may see a glimpse of your dreams of beyond. Through the dawning wasteland you will trek but it will be there that you find who you really are. And it is then that your journey will be complete and you will truly understand...that reality is only illusionary. 1. Crystals Flow Forth From the Sea of Green - 0:00 2. Quest for Eternity - 8:56 3. Sleeping Dragon - 16:50 4. The Spell of Orion - 19:55 5. Sunstroke - 29:00 6. Hallucinogen - 33:06 7. Skyline Haze - 40:20 8. Dreams of Beyond - 47:00 9. Trekking Through the Dawning Wasteland - 49:55 Support Liquify by purchasing the album here If you appreciate this channel, please consider becoming a Patron. SMOD is a full time job and any support helps greatly Join the SMOD Nation Facebook Group!


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