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Title:How to NEVER Burn Out again: 3-Step framework

Wondering what the iCanStudy program looks like once you join? Want to know if it’s right for you? Join our next free demo webinar to take control of your learning Take my free quiz to find your learner type and identify how your brain learns best. You'll get a PDF report based on your learning strengths and weaknesses: Timestamps: 0:00 The story of every burnt out student 2:05 The problem with motivation and productivity 5:21 Already burnt out? You need to hear this 8:22 The Black Box Effect on studying and learning 10:36 Opening up the Black Box 15:58 Step 1: Map out your learning system 19:14 Step 2: Regular critical reflection and experimentation 22:22 Step 3: Feed results into the next experiment 27:09 Talking to top students who overcame burnout Recommended starter references: --- THINK LIKE A GENIUS: Learn Dr Justin's step-by-step learning and time management system through his guided cognitive retraining program: Read the technical Report on Learning (with references): --- JOIN THE PUBLIC DISCORD COMMUNITY Talk with thousands of other learners from around the world: --- ABOUT DR JUSTIN SUNG Justin is an ex-medical doctor turned full-time learning coach. He's passionate about taking a very practical and evidence-based approach to learning and self-management. Unlike most study influencers, he has extensive experience actually working with real people, rather than just looking at theory or anecdotal tips to make videos about. He's worked with thousands of people around the world for over 10 years, teaching them to manage their studies and time more efficiently using novel and rigorously field-tested techniques. Justin is the co-founder of iCanStudy, which developed the world's first fully integrated, high-efficiency learning system using cognitive retraining approaches. --- Study skills course: Life of a Doctor Podcast: Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:


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