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Title:How to Deal With Borderline Personality Tendencies | Being Well Podcast

One of the most important and challenging skills we can develop is learning to regulate our strong emotions. While it’s very natural to have fluctuations in how we feel about others and ourselves, for some people these ups and downs are particularly intense. At clinical levels, this is known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). BPD is characterized by a pattern of instability in a person’s emotions, moods, behavior, self-image, and relationships. BPD is fairly common, and it's even more common for "borderline-y tendencies" to show up in our lives. On this episode of Being Well, Dr. Rick Hanson and I explore what to do when these tendencies show up, how to cultivate a healthy balance of sensitivity and tolerance to distress, regulating and nurturing ourselves, and how to navigate relationships with others when they exhibit borderline tendencies. As a disclaimer, formal diagnosis of any condition should be done with a medical professional working directly with the person in question. This podcast episode is not a substitute for that. Key Topics: 0:00 Introduction 2:00 What are "borderline tendencies"? 6:50 9 Symptoms of BPD 9:10 The what, why, and how of mental health 11:25 Childhood influences on borderline tendencies 15:05 Instability, impulsivity, and the drive for reassurance 25:00 Recognizing varying degrees of borderline patterns 27:00 Practical tips–regulation and nurturance 32:50 Boundaries, and avoiding spiraling 37:50 Acceptance, and the desire for change 40:35 Sensitivity and distress tolerance 45:00 What to do when you notice borderline tendencies in a relationship 51:00 Recognizing how much someone's nature is going to change 53:35 Treatability 54:50 Recap Subscribe to Being Well on: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Who Am I: I'm Forrest, the co-author of Resilient ( and host of the Being Well Podcast ( I'm making videos focused on simplifying psychology, mental health, and personal growth. You can follow me here: 🎤 🌍 📸


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