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Title:Marsupilami Full Episodes - Season 2, Episodes 22-24

🚨 SUBSCRIBE TO MARSUPILAMI / INSCRIVEZ-VOUS À MARSUPILAMI 🚨 👉 To save an old theatre from destruction, the Dujardins family decide to organize a show. Laughs are certainly on the program with the Marsupilamis on the cast list.  To become "true Marsupilamis" Bibu, Bobo and Bibi, according to tradition, have to cross the scary swamp, alone and without assistance. Amanda gains the permission and assistance of their Marsupilami parents to secretly film the babies' journey. Neither her nor Marsupilami know that there's a fourth candidate for the trial – Theo, who proves that he can handle life in the jungle just as well as a baby Marsupilami.  The Marsupilami have to rebuild their nest. Theo and his family are in for a surprise, and not necessarily a pleasant one. For the occasion, the Marsupilami have called upon a special guest – Grandma Marsupilami in person, to help. Grandma is even clumsier and more blundering than her son. One blooper too far and she might just ruin the housewarming.  Le Marsupilami arrive et avec lui vous ne vous ennuierez pas ! Suivez ses aventures sur la chaîne YouTube ! Une nouvelle vidéo chaque semaine ! 🇫🇷 Dans les forêts reculées de Palombie vit un animal mystérieux. Avec sa queue qui peut atteindre huit mètres, son pelage jaune et noir, son appétit gargantuesque et son agilité légendaire, le marsupilami attise les convoitises de chasseurs en mal de reconnaissance. 🇺🇸 Hector and his aunt Diane live in the jungle for one year to study its fauna and flora, becoming the best friends with the Marsupilami family. Their main enemies are megalomaniac industrialist and jungle-hater Felicia Devort, who plans to level out the Palombian jungle and build the Devort City megalopolis in its place, and her two henchmen, Stroy and Blouprint. #Marsupilami #MonAmiMarsupilami #Marsu


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