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Title:Asanas and Meditation to Balance the 7 Chakras | 30 Mins | Beginner level

👉🏼 Join our workshop to learn asanas, yoga philosophy and meditation in depth - Mooladhara decides our roots, our physical health and impacts how grounded we feel. Practising asanas like Malasana, Upavishtakonasana & Veerbhadrasana strengthen this Chakra 🔴 Swadishthana is the storehouse of past impressions and also determines our relationship with ourselves. To overcome feelings of lack and fear, practice asanas like Baddhakonasana and Anjaneyasana 🟠 Manipura determines your self confidence and your ability to take action. Poses like Navasana, all twists and core work will help strengthen this Chakra ⚫️ Anahata determines your ability to give and receive love. It also decides your talents. To feel more connected with others, practice Salambh Bhujangasana, Urdhva Mukha Svananasana and Ustrasana 🩷 Vishuddhi when active helps you voice your opinions and thoughts and gives clarity of communication. To express yourself freely practice Setu Bandhasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana 🔘 Agya is your command centre and determines your intelligence and wisdom. To activate this chakra practice Dharana on your Bhrumadhya ⚪️ Sahasrara is your higher consciousness and determines your ability to think beyond I, me and mine. To feel an expansion of yourself practice Shirshasana and Meditation 🌈 Chakras can gradually open at different levels and nothing extraordinary needs to happen for you to activate them. Eat good food, practice asana, pranayama and meditation and serve well in the world. The Chakras will keep opening at their own pace. 🧘🏾


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