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Title:Exploring Goa With Arshad Warsi x Kamiya Jani | Tere Gully Mein Ep 62 | Curly Tales | Curly Tales

Watch All Videos First & Ad-Free On The CurlyTales App: On this episode of Tere Gully Mein Arshad Warsi And Kamiya Jani explored the Assagaon of Goa. We delve into the delectable part of Goa. And of course we gorged on tasty seafood and it tasted heavenly. Here’s a sneak peek of the places we visited: 📍Kokum Curry, Candolim 📍Bawri, Assagao This was a rollercoaster of our tastebuds. Because we tasted some tasty seafood at Kokum Curry and amazing North Indian platter at Bawri. Dhamaal fans we have something for you too in the video! Watch the full episode to know more about it? #curlytales #arshadwarsi #goa #goanfood #food #foodandtravel #teregullymein #foodie #munnabhaimbbs #asur #arshadwarsi 00:00 - Arshad Warsi In Goa 00:45 - Arshad Warsi Love Goa 02:23 - Arshad Warsi On His Goa's House 02:49 - Arshad Warsi Talks About His Cooking Skills 04:23 - Arshad Warsi On "Gharka" Work 04:59 - Arshad Warsi Is A Bombay Boy 05:17 - Arshad Warsi's Love Story With His Wife 06:53 - Goa's Seafood Thali 07:58 - Arshad Warsi's Childhood 09:27 - Arshad Warsi's First Pay Cheque 09:53 - Here's How Arshad Warsi's Acting Career Started 12:12 - Arshad Warsi Did 70 80 Films 14:56 - Game Round "Complete The Dialogues" 15:52 - Fun Game-This Or That 17:17 - Arshad Warsi Is A Morning Person 18:32 - Arshad Warsi Love Going On A Road Trip 19:52 - Arshad Warsi's 3 AM Buddy 20:34 - Bawri, Goa 21:14 - Arshad Warsi Talks About Konkan Shakti Boat 22:57 - Things Which Annoy Arshad Warsi 23:47 - Kamiya Jani's Fan 24:44 - Thank You Other Social Accounts: Follow us on Facebook ► Follow us on Instagram ► Curly Tales Website ► Curly Tales App ►


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