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Title:UNHOLY - Couples Lap Dance Choreography

The idea and inspiration behind this routine came from the incredible 'Bec-Twerk' (From 2 Cheeks Twerk) - she wanted to collaborate to this unique cover of 'Unholy' done by the talented Bianca Power who is a singer/song writer living here in Australia! (supporting our own homeland talent!). 'Unholy' is more of a lap dance routine for the women, however there is defiantly moments the men can join in on this sensual lap dance. Looking back on the final product of this choreography, we both agree that this makes an excellent couples routine, especially for those who are looking for something a little more spicy than just your normal everyday couples dance routine. Please drop us a comment below and let us know what you thought of the lap dance choreography? Shall we bring this routine to a live workshop in a city near you? Drop us a comment below 👇 HAVE YOU EVER… Wanted to gift that special someone who deserves a proper lap dance “magic mike” experience? (I can teach you how to give the gift of a lap dance) 👇👇👇👇 CLICK HERE: ------------------------- 📺 Want to learn one of my most popular routines for FREE, no strings attached? Click HERE: 📺Watch the FREE tutorial on the '6 Steps For Sexual Striptease Dancing' - The ultimate guide for sexual dancing by learning a beginners routine to the song 'PONY' Watch it now here: -------------------------- At Adonis Dance Academy you will discover the secrets to mastering the art of the Adonis Dance Method - which consist's of male stripper dance moves, lap dance moves and simple routines / dance combo's you can bust out in the club, or for your wife/girlfriend in an intimate setting. Truly at our heart, we are an online educational organisation that offers the unique insight into the male striptease dance style - a way of dancing that women go CRAZY for! Have you seen ‘Magic Mike’? I’m sure you’ve heard women rave on about it…Well - that’s what we teach you guys, how to move and become your own ‘magic mike’ for her! We help everyday men learn the art of masculine and sexual dancing - and unlock their inner 'male stripper' to be creatively released upon a special recipient. Our students use this unique and rarely taught knowledge to put together and perform their own lap dance for their partner. Our 'single' students love having the knowledge to be able to take their dating life TO ANOTHER LEVEL. Who ever says foreplay is dead, clearly has never met a women before. Anyone who has spent time with women knows how important foreplay is, and there's no better way to seduce someone after a night out, than a steamy & erotic lap dance in the hotel room. For more info on the male stripping industry and training programs for male strippers, please visit our speciality training website, visit: 👉 Don’t forget to: FOLLOW Tommy’s personal profile on Instagram: @adonisdanceacademy


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