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Title:The XboxEra Podcast | LIVE | Episode 178 "Xbox Series Cylinder"

The Xbox Era podcast is brought to you by CTRL: A Meal Replacement. Visit and use discount code XboxEra for 10% off your next order Sik is out and all HELL has broken loose! Leaks are everywhere, the future is known, knowledge is no longer forbidden. Nick is joined by our very oul Aarsal to break down the week's craziness. Hosts: Shpeshal Nick & Aarsal aka Soulblazerz Producer: Jesse Norris Timestamps: 00:00:00 - Going live 00:14:20 - Intro 00:15:48 - Hi everyone and we're muted! 00:16:15 - OK sound is back 00:18:05 - This show needs to be short. Nick needs to buy Grand Final tickets 00:19:16 - What have we been playing? 00:20:50 - Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty 00:26:30 - Party Animals 00:33:40 - Make sure to drink some CTRL after a big night out! 00:35:55 - Starfield is doing super well! 00:39:00 - Tangent about Mass Effect and Nick's aversion to RPGs, also...Dreamcast 00:41:10 - Record of Lodoss War tangent 00:44:15 - Glenn Schofield leaves Striking Distance studio, developer of Callisto Protocol (also, Dead Space talk) 00:53:20 - Xbox at the Tokyo Game Show 00:58:57 - So now is Final Fantasy 7 Remake going to come to Xbox? 01:00:37 - Jesse is doing an Extra Life stream November 4th 01:02:04 - Unity kinda rolled their bullshit back 01:08:00 - CMA provisionally approves ABK 01:13:20 - Activision says Switch 2 is roughly the same power as PS4 and Xbox One 01:18:05 - The big Microsoft FTC leak (Nick was once again right, about the Digital Series X) 01:21:38 - Physical media is going away? Probably not, Nick heard Microsoft is planning a Disc Drive add-on 01:29:25 - Looks like Xbox really is or was planning an Xbox portable 01:37:38 - Looks like Nick was right again! The new Xbox controller with haptic feedback 01:54:36 - Bethesda's Roadpmap was leaked 01:57:45 - Nick has been told the Bethesda "Licensed IP" game is under the Disney banner 02:04:56 - An insight into 3rd party titles on Game Pass 02:14:35 - Microsoft is buying Nintendo, so awesome 02:24:00 - Superchats 02:28:05 - Phil's response to the PlayStation 5 reveal 02:32:35 - Jesse Reviewed the Nacon Rig 900 Max HX headphones 02:33:15 - Nick still think Xbox made mistakes with Series X 02:34:30 - We got same Game Pass and Gold numbers. PS Plus should still eventually add Day One games 02:37:25 - Do we think they'll do an upgraded Series X? The Series naming convention is still dumb 02:41:58 - Name A Game 02:56:17 - Patron Shout 02:58:53 - Community Questions #1: Hytham G - Nintendo and Microsoft should be besties 02:59:59 - Community Questions #2: DeoGame - What will Xbox bring to the Game Awards 03:01:17 - Community Questions #3: Poderick Payne - Jesse is great (nepotism) 03:03:47 - Community Questions #4: Voodoopeople - Does the FTC leak affect your view on the future of Xbox? 03:05:40 - Community Questions #5: Abe - Which video game universe would you love/hate to live in? 03:08:47 - Community Questions #6: Omen - What smaller studio spun off from a AAA studio are you most excited about? 03:10:10 - Community Questions #7: 99ruken - What will the 2024 post ABK showcase look like? 03:11:40 - Community Questions #8: SelfishxBurrito - What will the secret "big Capcom game" be? (Nick was told Monster Hunter) 03:12:51 - Community Questions #9: Good Old Collingwood - What would your own personal "mid-gen refresh" be? 03:13:55 - Community Questions #10: TheAshCohen09 - What dormant Activision IP would you like brought back? 03:14:25 - Community Questions #11: Kraken56 - So once ABK is done, how long before more acquisitions? 03:15:05 - Wrapping up. Nick needs to buy Grand Final tickets so sorry for the rush 03:15:50 - Ciao for now! ► Become a Supporter on Patreon: Join the No. 1 Xbox Community! FOLLOW -------------- ► Community Forum: ► Merch Store: ► Games/DLC Store: ► Twitter: ► Website: ► Twitch: ABOUT US! ----------------- XboxEra is a community-driven endeavour that has been created to enable the passionate Xbox community to create and share content, articles, gameplay, and opinions. We want to shine a light on the positives the Xbox platform provides such as inclusivity, availability, and a customer-centric approach. Want to create live streams like this? Check out StreamYard: #Xbox #Podcast #Unity #XboxGamePass #Cyberpunk2077


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