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Title:Nur 3 Zutaten! Meine Oma kocht dieses Abendessen alle 3 Tage! Ich mache seit 20 Jahren Nudelrezepte.

Only 3 ingredients! My grandma cooks this dinner every 3 days! I've been making pasta recipes for 20 years. The recipe for my grandmother's rustic dish surprised everyone and asked everyone. The whole family will love this easy and inexpensive recipe. Perfect country food, quick, easy and cheap. A new and easy recipe that will make your lunch or dinner unforgettable. Everyone will be satisfied with the amazing taste of this rustic recipe. A simple and incredibly delicious recipe for the whole family. It's incredibly easy, delicious, and satisfying. Delicious recipe for lunch or dinner. You have to try! The video has subtitles. Choose your language. Subtitles are available in all languages. 💡 YOU CAN ENABLE SUBTITLES by clicking the [cc] text in the top right corner and the three dots in the top right corner of the video and clicking TRANSLATE. Recipe: salt / olive oil Macaroni -350g Cook until done Grated cheese - 70 g Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel! Eggs - 4 pcs salt pepper mix well Boiled noodles Sprinkle cheese on top vegetable oil for frying Spread 1/2 of the noodles on top Melted cheese - 4 slices Lay out the second piece of pasta cook on low heat 10 mins Sprinkle with cheese - 70 gr Turn and cook 10 minutes more MMM delicious! Don't forget to subscribe to the channel! like! and write a comment! Thank you for watching the video 👍 👍 👍. If you like the recipe, please like and comment. Friends, if you liked the video, you can help the channel: 📢 Share this video with your friends on social networks. Network + recipe will be saved on your page! 👍 Rate the video! 👍 - That makes me happy and is very important for the development of the channel! WRITE A COMMENT or at least a smiley. Subscribe to Enfach and Lacker: Already subscribed? ▶ Turn on the ringtone 🔔 to be notified of new videos! #Simple_and_delicious #Simple_and_delicious_recipes #Simpleanddelicious


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