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Title:Part 1 Slot port vs Aero port subwoofer box in depth comparison

Part 1 video. watch the part 2 video here with 6" aero port : Check out My HiFi Vector Audio website for Bass knobs, Amp fans and more! Side by Side comparison of slot port and aero port subwoofer 12” boxes. Both boxes internal NET volume is identical so the outside dimension are slightly different because of the port displacement differences between the two port styles. External Aero port box is slightly smaller because less port displacement. Both boxes tuned to 34hz DATS verified. The general consensus in the industry is that is that you can get away with anywhere from 30 to 50 percent less port area with an Aero port because its round shape and flared ends are more efficient. Generally the rule is also one 4" aero port for a mid level 12" sub ( not crazy SPL type sub) And I kept the slot port at the minimum required size for the enclosure and subwoofer size. So I thought I would be fun to do this test to see any differences. Because of the differences in port efficiency when you design a enclosure the port area will always be less with a round port so making the port area identical would not work when comparing these two port styles, as Aero ports requires less are than a slot port. Buy the wind meter I used is here: Buy this SPL meter here: Buy Skar VXF subs here: 15" 12" Coupon code for Big Jeff audio Big Jeff Audio - use code HIFIVECTOR at Checkout. Coupon code for CODE: HIFIVECTOR Enjoy the content? Support and Donate to the channel to help me do more products reviews All donations will go to products for review. Disclosure: All products I review were purchased by me for the purpose of this video. Or provided by fellow bassheads. All of the opinions in this video are my own and the content wasn't reviewed by anyone prior to posting. Affiliate links are provided for your convenience. I receive a very small portion of the sales from these links, which help me bring you more unbiased content for this channel. Please subscribe to my channel so you will receive notifications when I upload new videos. Subscribing also help me do more video reviews. Thank you so much for watching!


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