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Title:Columbia Pictures Logo Variations

"Columbia Pictures Logo Variations" made by TR3X Productions from 13-27/02/2024, uploaded on 29/02/2024. Columbia Pictures was founded by Joe Brandt, Harry and Jack Cohn in Los Angeles on 10th January 1924, a successor to their CBC Film Sales Corporation (New York) from 1918. The film production and distribution company grew steadily over the years, and they were well-known by the time their third logo (1936-76) was introduced, since they were releasing short films by the Three Stooges around this time. As their film catalogue grew, so did the number of variations of their logo, and this video consists of their logo variations from the 1950s to the 2020s (with the exception of a textless variant from 1930). I have referenced the "Logo Variations" and "Trailer Variations" pages of Columbia Pictures on the AVID (Audiovisual Identity Database) website for this video, so credit to them for making this video possible; here is a link to their website on Miraheze However, I did exclude a few variants from their lists in this video, because some of them are transitions of the logo to the opening scene of the film (e.g. a fade-in or blur effect); I think that showing variants of the Torch Lady, pedestal, text and byline is more essential, but I did make some exceptions like variants 13, 39 and 41 in the sixth logo for example. My additional thanks go to the logo capturers, mainly @ifrequire and @BrokenSaw1 whose hard work over the years are greatly appreciated. Notes: The international variants of the Columbia Pictures logos are excluded from this video, because I feel like showing them in another video that will be released soon. -I won't update my logo history on Columbia Pictures, since I made a video on them in 2016 but I might update it when I find the time. -For the viewers that are curious of what variants are seen in the thumbnail, I will list them here (left-right); 09.59, 02.36, 17.53, Columbia print logo (1993-present), 04.56, 00.44 and 05.30. -Happy 100th anniversary, Columbia Pictures!! -Note (11.03.2024): Thanks for 50,000 views! :-) (16.03.2024): Thanks for 1,000 likes!! A print logo of the 100th anniversary logo has been uploaded to YouTube (from the end of Madame Web). Timestamps 0:00 1st Logo (1924-28) 0:03 2nd Logo (1928-36) 0:21 3rd Logo (1936-76) 5:27 4th Logo (1976-82) 6:23 5th Logo (1981-93) 6:58 6th Logo (1993-) 18:43 Anniversaries (bonus feature) 19:24 Credits -TR3X


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