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Title:Derrick Henry Ready to win in Baltimore w/ Lamar, NFL legacy, Alabama’s best & RB future |The Pivot

SUBSCRIBE HERE: GET MERCH HERE: In one of the biggest NFL off-season moves, Derrick Henry said farewell to the Tennessee Titans and became a Baltimore Raven, which was a bittersweet move for the superstar running back, but one he is embracing and understands what winning a championship would mean to him, his family, his football legacy and shares how wearing the color purple is a full circle moment. Derrick Henry’s grandmother took care of him for most of his life, so when he arrived in Baltimore wearing a purple suit, her favorite color, it was more than just signing a contract it was a sign from above that he was right he was supposed to be, doing what he loves while paying a tribute to to the woman who raised him and lead him to where he is today. Sitting with Ryan, Channing and Fred to talk about his iconic career and the moments that shaped the player, the man and the father he is, from high school records to a Heisman Trophy at Alabama, Derrick Henry has excelled at every level of the sport, but it’s not lost on him how hard the journey has been. In a world where the running back position has been recently questioned and even devalued financially by NFL owners, the guys discuss if it’s an end of the era of old-school running back style and the future of the position. Although Derrick is unwavering about his contributions and the importance of the position to any NFL contender, he admits that if he had a son, he wouldn’t let him play running back. In a surprising statement, the guys get into the why’s and perspective of the position. Continuing to defy the odds and running his way to NFL history books, Derrick has earned the reputation of one of the best to ever do it, which stems back to his high school days of 57 carries a game into his historic Alabama career as a Heisman winner and lessons from Nick Saban while cementing himself as a top running back among a power list of some of the best to ever do it as Ryan, Channing and Fred undoubtedly point to him as the best back to play at Alabama, although Derrick reluctantly accepts the credit. The NFL 2nd round pick to the Tennessee Titans had a slow start playing behind Pro Bowler DeMarco Murray for two seasons, but when Derrick finally got his opportunity to become the starter, it wasn’t a straight line to success and his preparation lacked what it needed for him to be where he wanted to be on the NFL level. In 2018, all that changed as he sparked one of the best 5-year runs of any player and tributes his new found motivation and success to spotting butterflies at practice, which are his grandmother’s favorite, giving him the extra motivation he needed and reminder that he was morphing into who he wanted to become on and off the field. In a funny back and forth between Ryan and Derrick, the guys talk about if Ryan could stop Derrick in certain moves and of course Channing can’t help but voice his commentary on a Ryan vs Derrick on field scenario. Humble and hardworking, Derrick Henry turns into a machine on the field, running through, around or over any defender in his way. He has gone through dark times at different stages in his life, coming out stronger from each one. Although his grandmother passed away in 2016, he still carries the memories and lessons she instilled in him. Looking ahead to 2024 season, Derrick knows that winning a Super Bowl is most important to him and means the world and by joining the Ravens, he believes he is on the right squad to make a championship run as the Ravens are a team who’s hungry and has one of the best Quarterbacks in the game at the helm to lead the team. Derrick is eager to get working with the team, and do whatever he needs to contribute to make that Lombardi dream a reality. New episodes drop on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. ET and Fridays at 3:30 p.m ET on YouTube, with audio available on all streaming platforms including Apple, Spotify and Amazon. FOLLOW THE PIVOT PODCAST: INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | TIKTOK | FACEBOOK | SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCASTS | #ThePivot #Podcast #derrickhenry #ChanningCrowder #FredTaylor #RyanClark #NFL


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