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Title:Dreams Best Enigmatic Collection (2017 Trilogy Shinnobu)

shinnobu enigma Music #Relaxing #Gregorian Mystic Music Enigmatic #Chillout, Rare Mystico. It is the Fifth Album of the saga The Enigma, A series to albums creator for the Musical Project Shinnobu 2017 (Shinobu Enigma) Relaxing Music that elevates the states of consciousness. The Trilogy Album Contains Songs Songs from the first 3 albums the enigma, the enigma II, the enigma IV, and two additional songs from the new album The Enigma 5. The Album contains Gregorian chants, Enigmatic styles, New Age and Transcendental Meditation with sound frequencies of the unknown dimension. Enter into your Inner Self. Website: Facebook: Itunes: Amazon: Spotify: Las FM: Duration:: 2:31:09 Data: 21/3/2017 to 6/11/2017 (D/M/Y) Genre: New Age/Enigmatic/Ambient/Electronic/Pop/ Artist: Shinnobu Albums: The Enigma, The Enigma II, The Enigma IV, (Trylogy) SOMGS LIST. Angeli Hierusalem: 00:00 Abstract Love: 07:58 Mystics Monks: 13:15 Morphos: 17:38 The Eternity: 23:06 The Portal of Peace: 27:31 Temple of Mystery: 32:51 Lucid dream: 37:57 Seventh Heaven: 44:15 Gregorian Recordare: 49:18 After of My Life: 54:50 (Instrumental) After of My Life: 59:30 Kissing the Moon: 1:04:25 Guardian Soul: 1:09:53 Infinite Soul: 1:14:03 Signus Dei: 1:18:38 Divine Ascension: 1:24:00 Intense Experience: 1:29:34 Night Moon Stars Yerlin Litlle Migic Gir: l:35:23 Salve Sanctus Fortis: 1:39:24 Monks of Moon: 1:43:31 Onix Mortis: 1:48:29 Deus Misere: 1:53:10 Lux Aeterna (The Infinity): 1:57:10 Moment of Peace: 2:02:58 The Dream that is Not Sleep: 2:07:36 Essence of The Soul: 2:14:40 Elementals Monks Hymn: 2:22:44


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