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Title:Why the Houthis Control Half of Yemen - Modern Affairs DOCUMENTARY

🎥 Join our YouTube members and patrons to unlock exclusive content! Our community is currently enjoying deep dives into the First Punic War, Pacific War, history of Prussia, Italian Unification Wars, Russo-Japanese War, Albigensian Crusade, and Xenophon’s Anabasis. Become a part of this exclusive circle: or patron: and Paypal as well! Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Modern Affairs continues with in which we explain why the Houthis contrl half of Yemen. Previously we explored the XX century history of Yemen, trying to understand why the situation there is as it is right now (, discussed if the West really wants to win the war against Russia (, if Russia is fascist, using a variety of academic definitions of this ideology (, about the delivery of F-16 aircraft to Ukraine, asking if it can become a gamechanger, about Russian and Ukrainian economies (, about the Ukrainian Euromaidan of 2014, also known as the Revolution of dignity and deduced if it was a coup or a revolution (, about Russian elites and various power brokers and groups, as we tried to deduce who is going to rule Russia after Putin (, the European Union, discussing if it is a real superpower or an utopia (, short-term union that is fated to dissolve, about Russia, China and Iran and discussed their ties, interests and contradictions and try to deduce if Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Ali Khamenei can form a stable alliance - a new axis or support each other temporarily (, made videos on the 15 Events that Defined the War in Ukraine ( and on the possible vectors of the upcoming Ukrainian counter-attack ( and on why we consider the war in Ukraine to be Unprovoked ( War in Ukraine - Pacific War Series: Cold War channel: Modern Warfare series: Support us on Patreon: or Paypal: or by joining the youtube membership: Script: Turgut Gambar Video: Leif Sick Narration: OffyD ✔ Merch store ► ✔ Patreon ► ✔ Podcast ► ✔ PayPal ► ✔ Twitter ► Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: #Documentary #Kingsandgenerals #Yemen


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