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Title:The Queen's Heartbreaking Backstory Reveals The REAL Reason She Turned Evil In Snow White

The Queen Actually LOVED Snow White At First...This Horrific Event Made Her Snap Did you know that the Evil Queen from Snow White wasn’t always a wicked stepmother who valued her own image over the life of her stepdaughter? If there’s one thing that Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs made clear, it’s that the Queen only truly cared about being “the fairest of them all.” But believe it or not, the Queen wasn’t born evil. In fact, there are some versions of the story that describe her as a kind and loving character. It wasn’t until fate dealt the Queen a horrid hand that she became the villain who started the “evil stepmothers” trend. Stick around as I tell you about every heartbreaking detail of the Queen’s past that turned her into Disney’s first true villain. Subscribe for Disney Universe review, highest grossing Pixar films, and all Disney Movies. Inspired by Isaac Carlson, SuperCarlinBrothers, and Inspired by Disney Theory: Why Dopey Doesn't Speak!: Discovering Disney's Snow White Inspired by How Lady Tremaine's Past Exposed The EVIL Side Of Cinderella’s Dad... Inspired by The Devastating Story Of Flynn Rider's Birth Parents In Tangled... Inspired by Film Theory: What REALLY Saved Snow White! Inspired by The Queen’s Shocking Past Reveals The REAL Reason She Turned Evil In Snow White... Also check out: Welcome to the ultimate and ever-expanding fanbase for Disney nerds all over the world! Click here to subscribe: Click here to subscribe: Check out the official Deluxe Amazon Store! 💛Keep being awesome everyone!!💛


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