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Title:Happy old age of an elderly couple in a mountain village in winter far from civilization

In this film, we will tell you the incredible story of an elderly couple who met a happy old age in a mountain village located far from civilization on the border with Romania. They live in the village of Kolodne, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine. Grandpa's name is Ivan, he is 80 years old. Grandma's name is Olena, she is 82 years old. This story is a testament to how people can find happiness and peace in simple things and nature. You will get to know their daily winter life, where they take care of animals and take care of their health in harmony with nature. Facebook Page : 📌 You can watch with subtitles. Happy old age of an elderly couple in a mountain village far from civilization: Hard life of an elderly couple in a mountain village on the border with Romania: Amazing old age of an elderly couple side by side: village life old couple mountain village rural life old couple life mountains life village woman village village lifestyle how people live hard life in the mountains mountain village life traditional food жизнь в деревне country lifestyle mountain life mountains hard life village food village cooking village people old man traditional life village life vlogs old man life the life at highland village village life in ukraine primitive life woman alone in the wilderness how people live in ukraine woman alone in mountain woman alone the ulengovs yt:cc=on food around the world village life in afghanistan nature organic food village channel old couple life at the top of mountains ukraine woman old couple living alone relaxing video old man live alone far from civilization old grandmother drama old culture country life vlog everyday life mountain cooking the village ulengovs cold village nomadic lifestyle village people life country life retirement village old blind couple life village life of afghanistan lifestyle at the villages mountain cooking asmr asmr cooking no talking afghani traditional food cooking in village living alone life in remote villages village family villagelife couple life in village old couple in india live alone how to live alone nomadic lifestyle campfire campfire cooking asmr video traditional cooking food asmr relaxing video 4k relaxing video nature lifestyle story of life stories of real people country life kənd həyatı lonely grandpa mountain village people life life in most remote villages village vlog old couple living in mountain old women rural village life afghanistan daily routine village life in afghanistan old house at the top of mountain alone couple country cooking vlog countryside vlog lonely grandmother ukraine village life mountaintop daily life simple living life in mountains mountain people living in mountains primitive living far from any road village lifeaholic rural village remote village primitive documentaries life in the mountains cooking in the mountains traditional village life old couple live alone in mountains alone old man life family and nature life highland documentary nomadic ambience life in nature highland and village life natural farming how to old couple mountain old couples mountain in village nomad life 2000 years old cave irani mountain village living in the mountains historical village countryside food women daily routine village in mountain nomadic life in the mountains making fire tea in the mountains mountain valley old village village girl old lovers living in a cave my rural events caves with 2000 years archaism hard life in the village life style village #villagelife #village #documentary


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